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Bo at 6 months old

Bo at 6 months old


Anygma Turn The Page of Aksum

Male Ruddy Abyssinian

Born 3/21/15

Retired/Neutered 7/5/18

Nickname: Bo

Sire: LA IW RW SGC Fenix Basement Jaxx








Photo by Helmi Flick

Dam: Anygma Kalliste







Photo by Aksum Abyssinians

Anygma Turn The Page of Aksum (nicknamed Bo) is our fourth CFA and TICA double registered stud male and is the son of our now-famous International Winner Jaxx.  He is also the son of a very healthy and beautiful outcrossed queen from Anygma Abyssinians.  We appreciate Anygma sharing her with us! Bo has been tested for genetic diseases as well as color and blood type using the UC Davis world renowned laboratory. He carries PKDef like his famous father Jaxx (who has sired four sons negative for PKDef who were sent to breeder friends), and he is negative for PRA, also like his father. Carrying for either genetic disease NEVER results in symptoms. A breeder must simply make sure that the carrier is never bred to another carrier, and test the kittens chosen for breeding.  It is much more important to keep more lines in the small gene pool for the Abyssinian breed and it is relatively inexpensive to test them, thanks to UC Davis. Bo's blood type is A (which is more common and causes less difficulties with incompatibility) and he carries cinnamon and dilute, both recessive genes, which is perfect for our breeding program, since we prefer having kittens of different colors.  He is very healthy, and has a very low coefficient of inbreeding (COI).  He will help us move our breeding program forward. Bo was shown as a kitten and will continue to be shown as an adult in TICA and CFA shows.  He has a traditional Abyssinian pedigree.  He is very curious, intelligent and playful and has a very laid back, affectionate disposition, much like his father Jaxx. Bo was at his first show as a kitten July 25-26, 2015 at the TICA Southeast Regional show.  He did well at the show, ending up with four finals including a 2nd Best Allbreed Kitten!  He was at his second show as a kitten October 10-11, 2015 in Jekyll Island.  In his first show as an adult, Bo was at the show November 28-29 in Temple, Georgia with Annie, who was still a kitten. He got a ribbon and is now a TICA Champion! Bo also went to a CFA show and gained his Champion title in CFA at the Cotton States Cat Show on November 5-6, 2016.  His brother Mouffie also got a ribbon there and has some Grand points.  Bo will go to another CFA show on March 25-26, 2017 to add to his Grand Champion points. Bo is our main stud boy now so that we have healthy Jaxx lines in our Abyssinians and have those long legs and long tail that contributes such an elegant look. Bo has a Facebook Fan Page dedicated to him.  Take a look! 

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