Thanks so much to each and every person who takes one of my kittens and loves and cares for them! It's the only way I can let them go. -Susan Graham, Aksum Abyssinians

"Hi Susan, I just wanted to let you know that Sally is doing great. She is growing and her fur looks like it is getting darker. She loves her toys and our cat Ellie finally accepted her this weekend. The growling and mean looks are gone! Sally slept with me the first few nights but is making the rounds now through the house. She loves to sleep with my son on his top bunk bed. She is so much fun and is full of energy. She is also popular with our close friends and neighbors. My friends and neighbors are not familiar with Abyssinian cats and she has won them over. Even the dog lovers like her! Take care and stay in touch." -Lori, SC (Penny & Ace's kitten) September 2015

"Just a quick update: Hermēs is a 500lb tiger trapped in a 3lb cat body! He's fearless lol! He rides around on my shoulder and sleeps with me every night (with the occasional 2am wake up call). He's adjusted very well and I'd love to send you pics if I ever get him to stop :)! We've bonded very well and he has wore me out on several occasions. I've learned to eat at the kitchen counter after he face planted into a piece of pizza on the coffee table once! I love him to death already! Thank you so much!!" -Steve, WV (Enamorarse & Joker's kitten) July 2015

"Dobby is officially the cutest family member ever!!!!!! He loves the dog---They are now best friends. Dexter will even let Dobby play with his toys---I never thought he would share with anyone-lol. He is growing like a weed. He was watching TV last night--really watching-crazy! He loves to cuddle. He sits on my shoulder while I wrap presents. He loves to chase my feet under the covers. He is spoiled rotten. He and Dexter greet me at the door when I come home and Dobby follows me from room to room. We love him so much. My daughter and her friends love him too. They all ask about Dobby and fight over who can cuddle with him first." -Kris, SC (Candy & Traveler's kitten) December 2010

"Fire is doing well. I can attest to her being non-stop pure Aby!" -Edward, NC (Rose & Traveler's kitten) Re-homed there October 2010 after long process of figuring out she has a food allergy to fish. We *always* take them back and then find them good Forever Homes, no questions asked!

Please accept this letter as the highest praise we could give someone who brings little kitties into the world and loves and nurtures them until finding loving and caring homes. We were on our way out of the show when something wonderful happened. My brother, as you will remember, is in a mobility cart and the main isle was blocked with too many people forcing him down one of the side isles.  As I cleared the way for him an adorable little bundle of joy started clawing at this cage and talking to him. We have never heard any kitten talk so much! It stopped us dead in our tracks because again, like the first time we picked the newest member of our family, something drew this precious little gift from God to us as well as us to him. One thing we profoundly know about new additions like this little guy … people think they pick them, but in reality the kitten picks you. We recaptured the spirit and asked you to hold him. By a stark difference you gently picked him up and he was quite content to be in your care.  You took time to make sure we took the little kitten from you in a manner nonthreatening to the little guy. Right then and there we knew God put all of us together, as if to say, “Here is your new bundle of joy, he has been brought in to the world with love and tender care and now you take him forth through life full of love, tenderness, joy and happiness.”

Even after we took him home it was a mixed blessing.  We loved him from the very first meow and wanted him with us forever.  Now came the moment of truth.  We took him our Vet and requested a complete physical including blood work to be sure he was healthy and we wouldn't lose him as we did our first love.  Not only did our Vet of many years tell us he was healthy with no apparent aliments but he commented on how trusting he is with strangers (which in his opinion only happens when the kitten learns only love and kindness from day one). We have always been protective of our little kittens.  We are particular of who and how people interact with him. In our home we are committed to raising our bundle of joy in a loving, caring and tender environment. Part of that is selecting who and how others interact with him.

Latest update on Legolas: he is growing by leaps and bounds and loving his new home and family, as we love him! He reminds us of Simba in the Lion King. He has no fear and is always getting into something. When family and friends come over they're introduced to “the Heir Apparent”. They all make a beeline to him … bypassing us … as if they are now here to visit primarily him, which is probably true…LOL! We send his picture all over the world to our family and friends and they all love him. He makes noise when he eats his treats like we have never heard before…it is adorable! When he does not feel as though he has received enough attention he immediately lets us know by talking to us until we play with him and give him lots of TLC!!!

As we mentioned to you before, we are in the information technology business, do a large portion of our work from home and spend little time in our offices downtown.  We have built Legolas several of his own forts if you will. He loves having his forts all over the house that he can call his own. As in Lion King, he sits on high looking out over his kingdom…used to be known as our home now known as the home Legalos lives in…LOL!!! Wouldn't have it any other way…He has taken over the bedrooms as well and he decides nightly where and with whom he will sleep. Upon making his selection the lucky recipient of his company for the evening must build him a cave out of blankets… as only a little lion cub would want. Early in the morning when he has decided it is time to get up and start the day he has become our alarm clock. When enough sleep has been had by all, of course decided by him, he starts to talk as if to say wake up daddy time to start our day and so it begins. We would not change one thing about him and love him more each day if that is possible. Sorry for going on and on and on, but for us it was important for you to know that we think a great deal of you and the service you provide for all these little darlings brought into the world. We came into this with you very jaded and concerned. At each step of the way you proved worthy of our trust and admiration. THANK YOU for being there for us and for all the kitties you have placed and will place in the future. God Bless You!

Please feel free to share these experiences with anyone you care to.  If you ever need us to share our thoughts and praises about you, your services and the kitties you place please don't hesitate to call upon us.  It would be our way of giving people comfort in making the right choice about picking the right little treasure for them. -Chris, Orlando, FL (Tinker & Zeus's kitten) September 2009

"Nola and RaKitty play ALL the time! He loves sleeping with me!

Nola has made friends with all 3 cats, even my shy tortie Sophie lets her sleep with him & me. RaKitty cannot believe his good fortune to finally have an Aby to rip & roar with from one end of the house to the other!

Nola is the sweetest aby I've ever had~ in the middle of the night he snuggles all around my face and neck~ like I'm his mother. He LOVES playing with everyone's tails.

Both RaKitty and Calvin are so interested in him~ Calvin doesn't rip and roar around with him like Ra, but he likes grooming him & sleeping together. And on top of all that I think he is gorgeous~ if I wasn't so busy with grandchildren I'd show him and I think he'd do wonderful. Ra doesn't overgroom anymore and Calvin is acting much younger now (his intestinal & eating problems seem much better also)." -Alice, TN (Moonlight & Traveler's kitten) May 2011

Hey, Susan, I just wanted to let you know that we're really enjoying little Louie!  He's SO MUCH FUN!  He absolutely loves water, which surprises us.  We have a walk-in shower, and he's gone in there several times while the shower was going! And, he's always right there with me at the bathroom sink when I'm washing my face or brushing my teeth.  He doesn't seem to care when he gets water droplets on his head.

Louie (AKA Mango) and his Siamese brother T-Bone are getting along really well.  And, you were right - he's super affectionate!  What a little sweetie he is.  :-)

Take care,
-Trudy, GA (Sky & Rocket's kitten) September 2011

I have been talking with Susan for a couple of months and I decided to add Abyssinians to my breeding program.

One day I was online surfing the Web for Abyssinian breeders and I came across Susan and I feel like that was very lucky because I found someone who knows a lot about this breed and who is just wonderful to work with. If there is something that you need to know about this breed and she does not know she will find out.

So if you are looking for a kitten and a very special breeder, Susan is it. Thanks again, Susan!

Bren Hicks, Sumatra Bengals & Abyssinians

P.S.--Bren now has Mikey and a couple of others.


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