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Green Valley, AZ
15 yr old ruddy male Abyssinian named Ramses.
"I'm a handsome Abyssinian who is looking for a new home due to the recent loss of my long time guardian. Im declawed, neutered, and up to date on all my shots. They say I'm quite mellow and healthy for a 15 year old. I have a Maine Coon buddy, Zuni, who is also looking for a home. We'd like to be together since weve been bonded for our entire life and we just couldnt bear the thought of another loss." Animal League of Green Valley - second time is a charm, they finally found a good home

Phoenix, AZ
8 yr old ruddy male Abyssinian (CraigsList). "We have an adult (approximately 8-9 years old) Abyssinian kitty that needs a new loving family and home. He is extremely loving and cuddly and always wants to be around people. We have a 2 year old and another baby on the way and unfortunately for him, my children come first. He really needs a true cat lover for an owner, someone that would appreciate his strong personality! He is super sweet and very loyal to his owners. He does well with my daughter, has never shown any signs of aggression towards her, but is obviously afraid of her and runs away if she tries to pet him. He is excellent with older children though. CraigsList - Owners were helped by So. Calif. Aby Rescue to find a way to fit him into their busy household and they are all happy now together. :-)

Glendale, AZ
Adult ruddy male Abyssinian named Harold.
"Harold is easy going, independent at times, a loving kitty that wants to be part of your family and home. He looks just like a mountain lion in real life. Strikingly handsome and ready for a permanent home. Harold is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered." Uncle Jacks Cats (& Dogs)

Phoenix, Arizona
7 yr old
ruddy female Abyssinian. "Cornish Rex Friends is providing a courtesy listing because of Josie's best friend Jezzebelle who is a Cornish Rex. They would like to be adopted as a pair." Email for Cornish Rex Friends

Phoenix, Arizona
ruddy neutered male Abyssinian. "Show quality neutered male. Active, beautiful but not a lap cat, likes to be petted but not held." Recently transferred to S.C.A.R. Southern California Abyssinian Rescue who fixed him up and found him a wonderful home very quickly! :-)

Prescott, Arizona
4 yr old female ruddy Abyssinian. "My name is Phoebe. I am a cute, healthy Abyssinian. I am a 'Princess' and would prefer not to have any other pets in my forever home." United Animal Friends


Bella Vista, Arkansas
6 month old
ruddy male Abyssinian kitten. "Milo is a bit shy so he is currently in foster care working on his socialization since 4 months old." Bella Vista Animal Shelter

Jonesboro, Arkansas
Kelvin is an adult ruddy male Abyssinian - NEA Humane Society

Jonesboro, Arkansas
Delia is an adult ruddy female Abyssinian - NEA Humane Society - she found her new home right away after being listed here! :-)


Fallbrook, CA
Senior blue neutered male Abyssinian named Pavlo. "VERY healthy, just had a dental and loves his people. He looks more like a mountain lion then a cat. He did have some teeth pulled because of the neglect he suffered before. He loves to sleep on the foot of the bed and loves wet food as a snack. Adoption fee $50." Rescue Me - California Abyssinians, Doggies Inc.

Redding, CA
4 year old ruddy spayed female Abyssinian named Xena. "This gorgeous and exotic purebred Abyssinian came to us from horrible circumstances and we have had her and 3 other related cats for over a year. These poor babies were forced to live in tiny cages, stacked one on top of the other and never cleaned. As you could imagine they came to us with some serious health issues, but nothing that couldn't be cured with medication, proper diet, and a clean environment. This girl probably suffered the most but as you can see now, she is happy and healthy. Xena is about 3 to 4 years old, very friendly and sweet but if you know the breed, they can be quite active, almost wild in nature sometimes. Zena resembles a miniature cougar, with that lithe, muscular body structure. Anyone who adopts this precious girl will be very lucky. If you'd like to find out more about the breed, please do some research before applying. Xena is NOT good with other cats or dogs. IF you have questions, feel free to call our Executive Director, Janie Hopper at 530-276-9364 (evenings after 6 p.m. are best)." Rescue Me - California Abyssinians, Resq Animal Coalition

Whittier, CA
Adult fawn spayed female Abyssinian named Samantha aka Sammy. "Sammy, that is short for Samantha, but I prefer Sammy. I am a ten year old fawn girl and I just want to be loved. I can sit next to you while you are doing whatever humans do and be very happy. While you are doing that I will just relax and be my beautiful self. My purrfect home would be with a single person that is very quiet. I am very fortunate for my foster mom and dad because my life would have been very difficult without them. I am declawed on all four paws, am deaf and have an auto-immune skin condition which requires a simple pill every day. If you want to take me home then visit the web page." Southern California Abyssinian Rescue

Pleasanton, CA
5 yr old declawed ruddy spayed female Abyssinian named Alice.
"Alice is such a different girl than the one who came into rescue 4 months ago. For the first couple of months, anytime Alice did not agree with her foster mom leaving the room or getting too near her when she was eating, she would attack her foster mom's feet and lower legs. We see this with upset declawed cats at times. But Alice has moved beyond where she was. With patience and time, Alice has become the girl she is today. Now she comes into the house, follows her foster mom around, lays near her or sits in her lap when she watches TV. Alice allows kissing, hugging on her terms and petting while she is eating. She is a talker so be prepared to carry on a conversation. Alice eats high quality, grain free cat food and does better on canned food than dry food, which unsettles her stomach at times. Her foster mom is happy to talk to potential adopters about the best diet for Alice. Alice is not a cat for everyone. She should not be in a home with young children and really likes men, although she has become very close to her foster mom. She would prefer to be an only cat or with another calm girl and would probably do well with a gentle dog. Weighing in at 13 1/2 pounds, Alice is FeLV/FIV negative/negative, current on vaccinations, micro chipped and litter box perfect." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Los Angeles, CA
2 yr old ruddy spayed female Abyssinian named Ravenna.
"Ravenna is a 2 year old ruddy Abyssinian. Ravenna needs to be kept on a raw food diet as she is prone to gaining weight and also having some intestinal issues if she doesn't get a good quality food. She really loves a cooked diet too. She is ultra affectionate like many Abys are and wants to be with you helping you in any way possible. She gets along with dogs and some cats. If you are interested in meeting her please contact us for an application and we can tell you more about this wonderful girl." New Homes 4 Animals

Davis, CA
8 yr old cinnamon neutered male Abyssinian named Otis.
"Hi, I'm Otis, a gorgeous red Abyssinian boy who is very sad right now because my owner passed away. I had been with her my whole life and we really loved each other. Right now I am living with my owner's son, who is very concerned about finding the right home for me. I have been with him for 8 weeks and if I do say so myself, I have adapted very well to my new environment. Being an Aby, I play a lot and even though we are not known to be lap cats, I do nap in laps from time to time. I enjoy people and love to be petted and will reward you with rubs and head butts. Oh and I will want to sleep with you. If you have been around an Aby boy, you will know we are very loving and want to be with our owners. You will be happy to know that I have no destructive habits, like scratching inappropriately or spraying and am strictly an indoor boy. Hey, you never know what dangers lurk outside. I lived with another cat at my owner's house. Even though we didn't play together, we still respected each other and I have to admit it was nice to have someone else around for company. But if you have another gentle cat, be sure to introduce us slowly, please. Recently, I went to the vet and I'm a healthy boy. All my vet records will come with me to my new owner. Are you the lucky person that I will share my life with?" Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Pleasanton, CA
9 yr old ruddy male Abyssinian named Sir Tut. Owner was older and could not live on his own anymore, so Sir Tut ended up in a "shelter" then rescued from there by Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue after losing a lot of weight and being very unhappy there, poor guy. Is now lots better! :) 8.5 lbs and a bit picky about his food, but reasonable. He is less reasonable about other cats, so needs to go into a home that has a cat-friendly gentle dog, or only-cat home. He has many good years of life left! Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Los Angeles, CA
7 yr old cinnamon male Abyssinian named Riley. "Riley is the most gorgeous color, a flaming red rather than the more subdued one that we have seen in rescue. He is very loving and extremely devoted to his person but does NOT want to share with another cat and can become fiery in their presence. He recently has taught himself how to use the toilet. He has not had health problems - he recently had a dental and has lost all the babyfat he had when he came into rescue and is ready to find a home." New Homes 4 Animals

Santa Cruz, CA
2 yr old blue female Abyssinian named Apples. "What a beautiful little treasure she is. We have no info about how Apples came to be in the So California shelter where we found her. She arrived with a rather rough coat so we have been giving her high quality food, baths and flea med's. She probably is allergic to fleas. She grows more lovely by the day. Her blue coat has peachy overtones which are very becoming and go with her beautiful green eyes that set off her colors so perfectly. She is a lovely, playful friendly young girl. She LOVES attention and will make her pleasure known with much purring and rubbing of her head all over you. She is such a nice little girl. She has a tender heart and sweet nature. Apples is friendly to other cats although we don't know about dogs I would guess she would probably be ok with them. She could gain a few ounces but seems to be in good health. Her finely detailed Aby body and delicate almost elfin feet are a delight to watch as she prances around. She eats wet and dry and is litterbox perfect. We do NOT ship cats. We will place cats out of area but you must arrange to come and meet your new friend in person." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

San Diego, CA
Senior cinnamon female Somali (longhaired Abyssinian).
"Gorgeous purebred spayed female Somali cat available to home with no other cats. Prefer home with quiet older person or couple, she had never been around young kids or a real noisy household. Have had her for several years and she is not happy living with my other cats, wants to be queen of her own domain! She is *extremely* affectionate with people, a total lap cat. Beautiful cinnamon color, looks like a little fox. Somali cats are basically a longhair Abyssinian. I will be very particular about who she goes to so be prepared to tell me about yourself, household, etc. The photos here are kind of old, her fur is longer and more full." Craigslist - Southern California Abyssinian Rescue helped the owner to place this beautiful girl

Vacaville, CA
5 yr old cinnamon female Abyssinian named Ali.
"Ali was surrendered to rescue in April of this year when her owners moved and could only have one cat in their new home. Ali is a delightful, beautiful clear red color, petite and friendly Abyssinian. She weights under 6 lbs. She will delight you with her athletic feats. Her perfect adoptive home would be indoors with adults (maybe also older respectful children), where she can be a part of her family, helping you on the computer, cooking, styling your hair, sleeping with you or whatever she may want to be involved with. Ali is shy around dominant cats and would be happiest being an only cat or with another calm cat. Ali is healthy, current on vaccinations, spayed, FELV/FIV neg/neg, and micro-chipped and litter box perfect." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Davis, CA
6 yr old blue male Abyssinian named Rickoshay.
"Rickoshay, aka Ricky, is a purebred blue Abyssinian boy. His original family purchased him from a breeder at the age of 5 months, and until recently he led a very happy life, which for an Abyssinian means being totally involved with his family. Then one day a ride in his carrier meant something far worse than a visit to the vet for shots: Ricky's family was moving into a "No Pets" apartment, and Ricky was abandoned at a shelter. Ricky is a big boy and very handsome. He is beautifully coated and has stunning gold eyes. Like most Abys, he is never far from your side, and yes, he will sleep in the bed with you. By day, he is curious and playful. Ricky would be best as an only cat or with a very docile companion kitty. He is fully vetted, altered, tested, and microchipped." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Vacaville, CA
4 yr old blue male Abyssinian named Mr. Blue Boy.
"Mr. Blue Boy came into rescue when his owner died. He sleeps with his foster mom, next to her under the covers. He follows her around the room and of course typical of an Abyssinian has to help her put on her make up, brush her teeth and pick out her clothes for the day. He talks to her while she is in the shower and sits on her while she reads at night. But someone meeting Blue for the first time will not see this wonderful, loving boy. In a new environment it will take a while for Blue to come around and feel comfortable with his person, but by putting in the time by being patient, you will be rewarded with a wonderful, loving companion for years to come. Mr. Blue Boy needs to be a single cat. When in the room by himself he is out all the time and is an interactive member of his foster home. Mr. Blue Boy will come to you healthy, altered, FELV/FIV negative, current on vaccinations and microchipped." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Los Angeles, CA
7 yr old cinnamon male Abyssinian named Riley.
"Riley is the most gorgeous color, a flaming red rather than the more subdued one that we have seen in rescue. It matches his temperament. He is very loving and extremely devoted to his person but does NOT want to share with another cat and can become fiery in their presence. He needs to find a home without any other animals. He recently has taught himself how to use the toilet. He will take some time to acclimate to a new home and so wants a nice calm existence, with lots of bird watching and interactive play with his new person." New Homes 4 Animals

Pittsburg, CA
2 year old ruddy female Abyssinian named Magnolia. "Magnolia was a pregnant stray that was trapped in Richmond. She delivered her beautiful babies who have all found homes and went on to take many other homeless babies under her wing. Now it is her turn - she is looking for an only cat household where she can reign as queen. She is a beautiful Abyssinian - approximately one year old. Of course she is spayed, has her shots, free of fleas and parasites, has a microchip, and carries 30 days of FREE insurance. Magnolia could go into a foster to adopt situation if you needed time to get to know her. She is currently in foster care in Pittsburg, CA and shown for adoption at the Concord Pet Food Express by appt. Noesark Animal Network & Cat Support Network

San Diego, CA
Adult cinnamon female Abyssinian named Abby.
"I adopted Abby after her original owner had to move; now I must move and cannot take her with me. She is an Abyssinnian and was originally purchased for $500.00. She is hilarious and has crossed-eyes. She would do best in a home with no more than one other cat. She is a lot of fun and needs a lot of love and attention. Please only respond if you will be able to love her like crazy!" Craigslist -- Southern California Abyssinian Rescue found a good home for her. :-)

Vacaville (Pleasanton), CA
5 yr old female cinnamon Abyssinian named Ali.
"She was surrendered to rescue when her owners moved and could only have one cat in their new home. Ali was pretty upset by all the changes in her life but that is behind her and she is ready to go to her forever home. Ali is delightful, a beautiful clear red color, petite and friendly. She weighs all of 5lbs. 11oz. She will delight you with her athletic feats and carry on a conversation with you. Her perfect adoptive home would be indoors with adults (maybe also older respectful children), where she can be a part of her family, helping on the computer, cooking, styling your hair or whatever she may want to be involved with. She would be happiest as an only cat or with one other calm cat." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Palos Verdes (Los Angeles area), CA
5 year old ruddy male Abyssinian (Craigslist). "Gorgeous Abyssinian cat, adult, 5 year old male, neutered, front declawed; must be indoor cat, litter box trained. Very loving." Craigslist

San Francisco, CA
5 year old ruddy female Abyssinian named Sadie. "Sadie is a five year old purebred Abyssinian and is just about the cutest we have ever met. She is extremely affectionate and has a wonderful personality. At her foster home she currently lives with one dog and three cats. We think she could do well being the only cat or the only other pet in a household. She very much likes to sleep, eat, and follow her pet humans around the house "helping" them with various chores. Be warned, she loves catnip! She has been diagnosed with IBD and is currently on a prescription diet and anti-inflammatory medication that is working well for her. We are confident that if Sadie found a loving home who can keep up with her medical needs, she would make a wonderful, fun, and loyal companion. She is in great health other than her IBD. IBD care cost is about $70 a month for food and medicine. Part of her adoption fee will be transferred directly into prescription food and medicine to get you started. If you are looking for an Abyssinian who is well-mannered, outgoing, affectionate, social, and cute as a button then Sadie might make a good choice! She is fostered in San Francisco. Email us an application to come meet her today." Wonder Cat Rescue

San Francisco, CA
13 yr old cinnamon female Abyssinian named Golda - CraigsList.
"I have a 13 year old Red Abyssinian that I can no longer keep. I have had her since she was a kitten but my living circumstances have changed and I need to find her a loving home as soon as possible. She is very sweet, loves petting and snuggling." CraigsList SF Bay Area, Listing Expired, hopefully she found a good home or her owner could keep her after all.

Forestville, CA
4 year old ruddy female Abyssinian named Sasha.
"Sasha is a 4 year old ruddy Aby spay. She wants to move to a home where she does not have to compete with another pet. National Abyssinian Rescue

Los Gatos, CA
6 year old ruddy male Abyssinian named Nutmeg.
"Nutmeg is an affectionate, male ruddy Aby, age 6, looking for a caring home. While he currently lives in Los Gatos, California, his owner is deceased. Nutmeg enjoys running water at kitchen sinks, lots of stroking, and loves to cuddle in bed at night." National Abyssinian Rescue

Pleasanton, CA
Three 4 month old pet quality ruddy Abyssinian kittens available - Batman (male), Robin (male), and Elektra (female).
"The kittens are fostered in Pleasanton. If you would like to meet them, contact their foster mom, Karen." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue - LOCAL ADOPTIONS ONLY

San Ramon, CA
12 year old ruddy female Abyssinian named Natasha. "Natasha would be happy in an apartment home with a young single guy. She is quite the little girl! She will jump three feet into the air to catch a toy mouse, will fetch one of those small sponge balls and bring it back to you and drop it at your feet and will purr you to death if she loves you. However, you must be male. Natasha is a 12-year-old Ruddy Abyssinian who is spayed and up-to-date on her shots! She will do almost anything for a piece of chicken!" Safe Cat Foundation

San Diego, CA
9 year old ruddy male Abyssinian. "Healthy, very attractive ruddy male Aby for adoption. Fee is $50 which I will refund later upon proof you still have him and he's well taken care of! He was born 9/11/01, that day. He's been with us since 11/01, so it's with heavy heart that we offer him up for adoption. But, we've two other cats and he's mis-behaving. He needs to go to a No Other Pet house...ok, no other cats and no dogs. If you are interested please contact us. Location: Ranch Penasquitos."

Pleasonton, CA
6 yr old
ruddy female Abyssinian named TBird.
"TBird is exceptionally sweet and does not have an aggressive bone in her body. She is in foster care because she was not happy with the other cats in her home. When male cats play roughly with her TBird thinks they are attacking her and she runs. Her owner surrendered her because she thought she would be happier away from the other cats." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Pleasanton, CA
13 year old cinnamon female Abyssinian named Julie.
"Julie, a beautiful 13 year old red Abyssinian came into rescue when her owners dropped her at animal services after they moved. Since she has been in her foster home she has been on a senior diet - dry and canned - and is doing very well. Julie is a very loving and friendly girl. No one could ask for a better companion kitty. Julie will come to her forever home with vaccinations current, microchipped and spayed. She is fostered in Pleasanton. Please Note: To the right home, a tax deductible donation will be accepted in lieu of the standard adoption fee." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Union City, CA
9 yr old
blue male Abyssinian named Eeyor. "Eeyor came into foster care because his owner died. He went to live with the mother's daughter and her two male Abyssinians and unfortunately the pairing wasn't meant to be. Eeyor had been an only cat for many years and was used to all the attention so being at the bottom of a 3 cat hierarchy didnt work. At the top of Eeyors list for a new owner is someone that will love him as his first owner did. He will happily return the love. Eeyor will be where you are. If you sit he will climb in your lap. If you let him, he will lay across the keyboard if you are on the computer. He loves to be petted and purrs with delight. Eeyor had the teeth problems so many Abyssinians have and his teeth were removed due to Stomatitis at 8 months of age. He does fine eating both canned and dry food. He will drink water out of a bowl but loves the running water fountains that are out for animals. He is friendly, loves to play and is very cuddly. Oh, he even likes to sit on shoulders. Eeyor is neutered, current on shots, and FIV/FELV negative." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Los Angeles, CA
4 yr old ruddy female Abyssinian named Zena.
"This moving from home to home is getting quite tiresome for me.  I really would like to have a furrever home with someone to just love and accept me for the beauty queen that I am.  A home where I can play, look out the window, eat, sleep; is this too much to ask?  I am a good listener and office helper. My foster person lets me knock pencils off the desk all the time.  Look deep into my eyes and realize  you are falling... in... love... with... me.  Oh, yes, I am four years young and spayed.  Let me live with you and I won't let you down."
Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (SCAR) Foster mom fell in love and kept her. :-) Happy ending!

Spring Valley, CA
Bertha - adult blue female Abyssinian available, all shots. No other cats, no dogs. National Cat Protection Society Bertha finally found a forever home with a nice elderly lady in the area! :-)

Chico, CA
7 yr old fawn male Abyssinian named Roo. "He is an indoor/outdoor cat. 4 months ago I adopted a pair off of Craigslist, one is doing well with my other cats and dogs, Roo has issues. He's unhappy, as are the other cats. I believe he would do better as a single or with one or two other cats. I'd love to see him go directly to a good home." National Abyssinian Rescue

Santa Rosa, CA
Abu is a 7 year old declawed male Abyssinian. "He and his brother Merlin recently lost their owner of 7 years to cancer. The two are available together as they are best friends and have grown up together." California Animal Rescue

San Francisco, CA
7 yr old
blue male Abyssinian. Craigslist

Santa Rosa, CA
6 yr old ruddy spayed female Abyssinian named Zilla. Craigslist

Burbank, CA
11 yr old cinnamon female Abyssinian named Pumpkin. "Hi, I am an 11 year young female (spayed) looking for a new home. I have special needs, I am deaf, but most of all I am looking for someone to love me." Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (SCAR) We are so pleased that Pumpkin has finally found a loving home! What a great holiday present!

Hacienda Heights, CA
7 yr old and 9 yr old blue male and female Abyssinians. "Hi, we are Zeke and Jezebel (7 and 9 years). We are neutered and spayed. Unfortunately our little (human) brother has many allergies and after 3 years of trying to coexist, its time to look toward to a new chapter in our lives in a happy healthy new home. " Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (SCAR) Owners are keeping them after help from SCAR.

Fountain Valley, CA
2 yr old
ruddy male Abyssinian named Terry. "I am a very affectionate lover boy, I love to give kisses and nuzzle. I need a home where I can get plenty of love and attention." Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (SCAR) Owners are keeping him after help from SCAR.

Pleasanton, CA
8 year old
ruddy female Abyssinian named Ginger and 9 year old ruddy female Abyssinian named Roxy. "They are currently living with their owners who due to circumstances need to find them a new home. They must be placed as a pair as Ginger and Roxy have been together their whole lives and are quite dependent on each other. Ginger and Roxy are front paw declaws, spayed and current on vaccinations." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Los Angeles, CA
3 year old
blue male Abyssinian named Cairo. "Have to relocate, unlikey I will be able to bring my cat,  Cairo. He's three years old, neutered. Papered. Gato de Soleil Cairo is his name." National Abyssinian Rescue

Alameda, CA
7 yr old
ruddy female Abyssinian named Cinnamon. "I was rescued by my foster parents from a neighborhood where I was seeking food from garbage bins. It's so sad I was abandoned by my previous home." Local adoptions only. Island Cat Resources and Adoption

Santa Monica, CA
3 yr old
ruddy female Abyssinian. "Abigail is super friendly.  She loves to be petted, and rubbed on her head.  She likes to follow you around and be right beside you on the couch. Abigail was brought to a vet's office to be killed.  Her owner had passed away of cancer, and the owner's husband could not bear to look at Abigail and be reminded of his beloved wife.  The husband was heavily depressed, and surely he was not thinking right!  He wanted Abigail to be put down! The vet's office immediately contacted us and asked us to take in this precious girl.  And yes we did!" Fuzzy Dog and Cat Rescue, Inc.

Whittier, CA
10 yr old ruddy female Abyssinian. "I am a very cute, very loving and a sweet angel that loves attention from people." Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (SCAR) Found a wonderful home!

Thousand Oaks, CA
3 year old
fawn spayed female Abyssinian named Fauna. "She was left at the shelter with her 7 mixed-breed babies." LIFE Animal Rescue

Pleasanton/Vacaville, California
2 yr old ruddy female Abyssinian named Jasmine. "My owners surrendered me because they were getting a divorce." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Apple Valley, California
1 yr old blue femal Abyssinian. Owner moved away and left her and several other kitties behind to fend for themselves. Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (SCAR)

Beverly Hills, California
8 yr old
ruddy neutered male Abyssinian. "I am called Sniffy because I like to sniff your face and kiss it. I am a very friendly indoor cat, declawed and neutered with a microchip." Amanda Foundation She is very happy with her new owners! :-)

Davis, California
2 year old
cinnamon male Abyssinian - dumped on the shelter doorstep, found a permanent home quickly after being fostered. Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

La Mesa, California
Adult blue male Abyssinian named Indy. "I am a wonderful lap cat who loves nothing more than an evening of TV with my family. My furrever home needs to be quiet and mellow. I like to be with someone who can spent a lot of time with me. Since I have a strong personality I really need to be an only cat." Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (SCAR) Great news! Indy's owner isn't traveling as much and is happy to be able to be home with their wonderful Aby again!

Los Angeles, California
6 yr old ruddy male Abyssinian. "MEET MR. MILO: This is a beautiful 6 year old neutered male, purebred w/papers. Owner had to give him up due to losing his home." Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (SCAR) Milo's foster parents fell in love with him and are keeping him. Things have worked out with the other resident cat. :-)

Los Angeles/Culver City, California
5 year old
ruddy Abyssinian male -- "This poor boy was found sitting on the chest of his owner just howling his heart out. His owner had passed away the day before. The owners wife (Moe's REAL mommy) had passed just a year before. Poor Moe didn't get the greatest start in life. When he was born his mom tried to kill him and bit his tail off. He is a polydactyl in the front." Inside Petco every Saturday and Sunday in Westchester near LAX on S. Sepulveda Blvd. Finally found a home! :-)

Los Angeles/Orange County, California
"LOLA is a 5 year old ruddy female Abyssinian, who is very active and healthy. She is extremely affectionate." OC Pound Hounds

Newport/Orange County, California
Two adult (male and female)
ruddy Abyssinians. "We need a home as our mom is moving to another country and cannot take us. We would love to go together as we are all that we have ever known." Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (SCAR)

Newport Beach, California
2 yr old
ruddy male Abyssinian. Craigslist

North Hollywood, California
"MEET TAWNY: This is a beautiful, 3 1/2 year old purebred Aby with papers. Her guardian recently lost his home and is determined to do the right thing for Tawny...as hard as it is for him. Friends For Animals

Oakland, California
8 yr old
ruddy male Abyssinian named Moe - "I will head butt your hands and feet, love to play. I get the zooms and romps furiously around the house, but then curl up into a ball or settle down in a stream of sunshine and expose my tummy. I need another home as my mom will be moving into a retirement facility and they won't allow me to come, wah, wah. I am looking for a home that will be patient, loving and consistent with me and my antics." Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (SCAR)

Pasadena, California
Adult ruddy female - dehydrated from being accidentally locked in a warehouse. As soon as she had recovered enough to be moved, Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (SCAR) took her and found a wonderful new home for her. Kudos to the new family who took her in, SCAR who found a home for her, and the caring SPCA shelter who nursed her back to health!

Pleasanton, California
7 year old
ruddy female Abyssinian.
Lillian (Lil) is a sweet, affectionate kitty who loves human companionship. For 7 years she lived with an older woman that loved and doted on her. Then her owner died. The family couldn't keep her and so placed her in an animal shelter. Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Pleasanton, California
Piaf is a 2 ½ yr old female fawn Abyssinian who was looking for a home for a long time and finally found one! Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Pleasanton/Sacramento, California
"I'm Carly, an active and lovable 7 month old female red Abyssinian. I'm a good eater, am healthy, box trained, spayed, microchipped, vetted, have current vaccines and am ready for my forever home." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue Found her new home very quickly! :-)

Rancho Santa Fe, California
Cleopatra is an adult ruddy female Abyssinian. She is good with children. Helen Woodward Animal Center

Sacramento, California
Adult male ruddy Abyssinian. Shazam! was a refugee from a hurricane in Florida, in December of 2004. He had been in a cattery that was destroyed in the hurricane, and his owners had to let go of all but one or two of their cats. A great home was found for this beautiful, sweet boy.

San Francisco, California
7 yr old
sweet, loving and adorable Abyssinian cat needs home. Craigs List

San Pedro, California
"CELESTE is a 7 month old ruddy Abyssinian who is very happy, well-socialized and healthy. *FOHA*

San Jose, California
5 year old - this girl lost her mom who had a heart attack and died. Another SCAR success story!

Sherman Oaks, California
Young adult
male ruddy neutered Abyssinian. "Frisky is a purebred Abyssinian, front paws declawed, copper w/ black tips. He is SUPER FRIENDLY, sweet, very affectionate, and we also found he gets along quite well with other cats and people and dogs of all ages. He would love to find a home with his sister Mama." Cat Connection

Vacaville, California
6 month old
cinnamon male Abyssinian named Bee Gee. "Hi, I'm Bee Gee, an over-the-top active and lovable male red Abyssinian." Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Vacaville, California
6 month old
cinnamon female Abyssinian - "Hi there, I'm Fergie, another over-the-top active and lovable female red Abyssinian. Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Vacaville, California
Bindi and Jada are purebred ruddy Abyssinian kittens. These kittens were rescued from a breeder whose cats were very sick and nursed back to health. Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Vacaville, California
Ruby and Cairo are purebred cinnamon Abyssinian kittens. Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue These kittens were rescued from a breeder whose cats were very sick and nursed back to health. Two pairs, also Bindi and Jada, were placed locally.

Vacaville, California
"TRITON Purebred Abyssinian Kitten, born Sept. 3, 2008" Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue


Denver, CO
Adult ruddy neutered male Abyssinian named Copper. "'Find a penny pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck.' You've heard that one, right? Well clearly, I'm the shiny copper penny that you should be picking up! My name is Copper and I am a striking guy if I do say so myself. I sure hope that you are looking for your personal lucky penny because I am it! I arrived at MaxFund after having been found at a bank. Ironic really, given the whole penny thing. Alas, some nice folks brought me to MaxFund, where I had a bit of a rocky start. You see, I am what is known as a feral cat, meaning that I have not spent much time around humans and am not quite sure what people are all about. Over time here at the shelter I've learned a lot and I am coming around at my own pace to this new way of living. I have to say, I'm quite fond of living indoors and being well taken care of, though I still have some learning to do with respect to interacting with people. While I may not be a cuddly lap cat, I am a great guy and I want to learn how to love people. I can promise you that I will give it my best effort and I ask that you do the same. With patience and time I just know that we'll be the best of friends. Just remember, you've found your penny you just have to pick it up, adopt it and take it home with you!" MaxFund Animal Adoption Center - adopted a second time - hopefully this time it will work out!

Buena Vista, CO
Adult male ruddy Abyssinian named Marco.
"I love to explore & play and I need a lot of attention & activity. Can I go home with you and be the talk of the neighborhood!!" Ark-Valley Humane Society

Denver, CO
4 year old ruddy male Abyssinian (and companion). "Looking for a loving home for a four year old male (neutered) Abyssinian cat and a seven year old female (spayed) orange tabby cat. They have been very loving companions who get along well with others (humans, cats, dogs), but my apartment situation will not let me keep them. They are great lap cats with hilarious personalities--please contact me if you can offer a stable and loving home to them. No fee." Craigslist


Ledyard, CT
5 yr old fawn neutered male Abyssinian named Abby. "Our beautiful Abby has a lovely fawn coat and is 5 years old. He is a great lap cat. He would do best on his own or with just a cat or two. Please contact his foster mom Virginia at 860-303-9878." Stray and Feral Rescue Project

Tolland, CT
2 yr old
ruddy female Abyssinian named Onyx. "She is very loveable & attention seeking and loves adults and children and will cuddle up with you. She is a short haired ruddy with emerald eyes." Kitty Angels of Connecticut

Colchester, Connecticut
2 yr old
ruddy female Abyssinian named Frannie. Helping Paws Inc

Higganum, Connecticut
Beautiful 5yr old ruddy neutered male Abyssinian. Petfinder.com Classifieds

Colchester, Connecticut
"Riley and Ruby
are adorable Abyssinians who are very playful three year olds. They have decided they no longer like the older pair of Siamese living in the house, and although we love them dearly, our older cats must come first. Their adoption fee is a donation to Helping Paws." Helping Paws Inc


Miami, FL
Adult cinnamon neutered male Abyssinian named Killian. "A beautiful cat show winner to a loving home. We are no longer able to care for him because of personal reasons. The fee for this adoption is $75. Killian also has his very close cat friend, Chewy, also posted on Rescue me. They are very close and my hope is to find a home that will take them both. He is an adorable domestic cat. His adoption fee is $40. I will lower the adoption fee to $100 for both cats." Rescue Me - Florida Abyssinians

Niceville, FL
Adult cinnamon spayed female Abyssinian named Rosie. "Rosie needs to be an only cat but is one of 6 in my household. She does have an allergic skin condition, mild, which is easily controlled. She is very friendly and affectionate." (NOTE: the skin condition is probably food related and can be treated successfully by diet change alone.) Rescue Me

Wildwood, FL
5 yr old and 7 yr old ruddy female Abyssinians named Sammi and Lexi. "Female pedigreed Abyssinians - Sammi 7 yr. Lexi 5 yr. Sammi is a very affectionate cat. Sammy will sit up at her perch designated as her space and greet visitors at the shelter. She is a cat that needs to be in a house with few cats as she does not bond with other cats or dogs." Wildwood Ranch Cat Rescue of Central Florida

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Adult ruddy male Abyssinian named Rudy.
"Pet ID: A1497459 • Spayed/Neutered" No history or information listed, looks like a purebred ruddy male Abyssinian, no barring or stripes in photo. Broward County Animal Care

Palm City, FL
King Tut is a sweet 4 year old ruddy male purebred Abyssinian in Palm City, Florida. Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue helped him find a good home in the same town.  :-)

Wildwood, FL - Relisted
7 year old ruddy Abyssinian female named Sammi and 5 year old cinnamon Abyssinian female named Lexi.
"Two related female pedigree Abyssinians. Sammi (F) 7 yr. Lexi (F) 5 yr. They must stay together as they are totally bonded. Sammi likes to find nooks and crannies in which to hide and take naps. Lexi was raised with kids, cats, and dogs and is very friendly, loves being pet and getting into mischief." Wildwood Ranch Cat Rescue of Central Florida

Tampa, FL
6 year old ruddy female Abyssinian named Ruby. "My name is Ruby... I am looking for a new home. A home where I am the ONLY pet. I really don't like having any other animals in my house. Call me Queen Ruby. Right now I live with triplets,a big dog and another cat. All of this leaves me feeling very anxious. I would like a home where I have human companions who give me, and only me, all the attention I need. i want to just hang out and follow you all around the house." St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

Clearwater, FL
Adult ruddy female Abyssinian named Kitten. "Kitten is a nice affectionate ruddy Abyssinian. She has lived harmoniously with another cat but she does prefer adult humans to the younger ones. Kitten may be a little reserved until she gets to know you, and although she seems quite comfortable and agreeable in her enclosure at the shelter, she may not seek your attention. She will, however, be quite pleased if you approach her." Humane Society of Pinellas

Cocoa, FL
9 year old ruddy female Abyssinian named Cleo.
"This beautiful girl is Cleo. She came to us in August to get help finding a new home. Cleo is a little bit older than some of her friends here, but with only 9 years under her, she has plenty more years to be with you. Cleo can be a very sweet girl. She just wants to relax in a real home again. Come meet Cleo!" Central Brevard Humane Society

Miami, FL
1 year old cinnamon male Abyssinian. 
"Cinnamon is a pure-bred red male aby, about 18 months old. I brought him home to a Tonkinese female, who simply would not accept him in the home. After 18 months of trying, I have regretfully concluded that I have to do what's right for him and re home him. Since I love him, I need to know that he will go to a forever home where he will have the good life that I wished I could have given him." A loving home with a retired gentleman was found through this website. :-)

Palm City, FL
Adult female ruddy Abyssinian named Kiana. "She is house trained and spayed." Humane Society of the Treasure Coast

Palm Harbor, FL
7 year old
ruddy neutered male Abyssinian named Elvis. Declawed on all 4 paws, gets along well with other cats and dogs. Suncoast Animal League Adopted out for the second time.

Clearwater, Florida
7 yr old fawn neutered male Abyssinian - "Oddball is a fawn colored Abyssinian who is quite a stoic. He has accepted being in the shelter and has staked out a basket in his enclosure and doesn't seem interested in exploring any further. 'I'll just stay here and relax,' he says. If you pet him, he's fine with that. If you pick him up, he doesn't object. Put him down and he's back home in his basket. Because Abyssinians are noted for being very active we suspect Oddball is simply waiting to be adopted before he shows his natural athleticism in his new home. Oddball is about 7 years old." Humane Society of Pinellas Found his new home very quickly! :-)

Daytona Beach, Florida
3 month old
ruddy male Abyssinian kitten. "Little Laszlo is one of the most striking kitties you may ever see. A 3-month old Abyssinian stray, Laszlo is just waiting to love his way into your heart and your home!" Halifax Humane Society Inc Found his new home very quickly! :-)

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Young ruddy
neutered male Abyssinian. Antonio looks as if he may have lost his left eye recently, but there is no information on the Petfinder site about it. Humane Society of Broward County

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
3 yr old fawn male named Kepura, and 3 yr old blue male named Kensu, healthy, given up by owner because he and his buddy were taking rides on the dog's back and the dog wasn't too happy about it. Found their new homes through this website the same day they were listed on the web page. :-)

Lake Wales, Florida
10 yr old
ruddy Abyssinian female named Savannah. Her vet helped them find a good home for her.

Sanford, Florida
1 year old
cinnamon neutered male Abyssinian gets along well with other cats. Seminole County Animal Services

Sanford, Florida
1 year old
neutered ruddy male Abyssinian gets along well with other cats. Seminole County Animal Services

Sanford, Florida
7 month old
cinnamon female Abyssinian. "Elizabeth is an adorable 7 month old baby girl." Seminole County Animal Services

Winter Haven , Florida
ruddy spayed female Abyssinian. "Mom and Dad could not take care of her anymore so they gave her to us to find a loving home where she will be cared for and loved." Veterinary Healthcare Associates


Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue - Petfinder listed & approved purebred Abyssinian rescue service for the Atlanta area - vetting, fostering, and placing homeless purebred Abyssinians in the north Georgia area - rescues@abyssinians.us

Atlanta, GA

Bella Blue is an adult blue female spayed Abyssinian with beautiful green eyes found wandering around midtown Atlanta by two kind young ladies who then found us and brought her to us. Our vet did a physical exam, and although she voiced her objections, she was sweet natured and never offered to bite and enjoyed being petted. The vet agreed with us that the large sore on her neck was originally caused by food allergies and gave her a steroid shot to calm it down and allow it to heal. We added a gentle salve as well when she got here and gave her a grain-free food for now.

Some cats are allergic to grains (two of our pet cats are) and some are allergic to other things such as fish, chicken, or other meats in their food. It will take a while to figure out which one of these she is allergic to, but we have done this successfully before and feel sure we can help her fully heal too. As you can see from the picture on the right, she is getting a lot better in the biggest place where her skin was red and sore. The other sores are taking a bit longer to heal, but we think she will be all better soon. Then comes the process of figuring out how to keep her well and without sores.

Vet guesses her age to be 8 years old plus/minus a year. In great health, her teeth especially are in great shape. She is purring now instead of grumbling. :-)  Also, we are happy to announce that she is Feline Leukemia and FIV Negative! She got more medicine and is continuing to improve!

The microchip didn't help, as it was never registered further from the rescue that implanted it in Missouri (number was disconnected and Information didn't have another number for a rescue with anything similar to the name).

Bella Blue has now gone to her new home! She has a new diet and our ongoing support, as well as our gratitude to her new owner!

Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue Email: rescues@abyssinians.us

Savannah (Richmond Hill), GA - Listing expired, hope he found a good home!
2 yr old
Abyssinian male. Craigslist Abyssinian listing - half Abyssinian with white on him, was a stray.


"2 year old male neutered Abyssinian cat available to a good home. No rehoming fee applies. FeLV/FIV negative, healthy, social."

Atlanta, GA
1-2 year old ruddy female Abyssinian named Elise. "Elise was scheduled to be killed by the Miami-Dade County Animal Control Shelter, but a kind friend was able to rescue her (with the help of one of the Customer Service people there at the shelter) and send her to Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue via Continental Airlines after fostering her overnight. She is a 1-2 year old purebred ruddy Abyssinian spayed female, about one pound overweight at 10 lbs, so a big girl. She is very sweet and affectionate and loves to be next to people and interacting with them. She is not aggressive at all, and uses her litter box every time. She is FeLV/FIV/heartworm negative and up to date with her vaccinations. Elise is a very healthy happy girl!" Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue

Atlanta, GA
Junior is a 2 year old fawn Abyssinian who is a retired show cat. His military family was unable to take him with them when they were transferred. After vetting (he is being treated for a mild 'cold'), he will be available, with all testing and shots up to date. He is very sweet, purrs a lot, and is great with children and dogs and other cats. FeLV/FIV/heartworm test was negative. You will need to fill out a short questionnaire first. A contract with a health guarantee and all vet records will come with him. Email is best to: rescues@abyssinians.us

Atlanta, GA
11 month old cream male Abyssinian named Halo. "Halo is a beautiful rare cream Aby in excellent health. He needs socializing especially in new situations but really wants to be friendly and affectionate. Vetting is complete - he tested FeLv/FIV negative and heartworms negative and has his rabies vaccination. He will be neutered on Tuesday, July 27th. Owner's daughter is allergic to cats, so they had to give him up. He is probably not an ideal candidate for a home with very young children or more than one or two other cats already in the home." Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue Email: rescues@abyssinians.us

Atlanta, Georgia
5 year old
ruddy neutered male Abyssinian, front declawed. FeLv and FIV negative, up to date on vaccinations and worming and in excellent health. Winston was left in front of a Petco store with a note saying the owners had lost their home and could not keep him in the place they are living now. Beautiful, big sweet boy is great with adults and children and with most cats. He is very gentle and loving. Found a great home for him.

Atlanta, Georgia
10 year old
ruddy spayed female Abyssinian, formerly named Rocky. Baby's Irritable Bowel is still with her (she throws up occasionally) despite TLC and a special diet, so we may be taking her back if the new owner needs our help to find out the magic cure so she can have a long term solution (probably 1/4 Pepcid AC half hour before eating and twice weekly B12 shots). Baby gets along with other cats and everybody she meets, including children and is very affectionate. Found a great home for her and she is doing much better there.

This beautiful sealpoint Siamese female was rescued from a kill shelter in Augusta, GA after Animal Control found her wandering the streets. She was tested (FeLV & FIV negative), vaccinated (rabies & FVRCP), spayed and treated for a minor upper respiratory illness and has recovered fully and has been pronounced in great health now! She was taken in by a loving caring person who became very ill right after taking her. We stepped in to foster and care for her until she can find a new home again. She is very sweet and affectionate and uses the litter box every time! She's a big girl but not fat, and is about one year old. $50 fee. Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue rescues@abyssinians.us

Adult Domestic Shorthair female named Dolly (NOT AN ABYSSINIAN). "Dolly is a smart, cute gray and white DSH kitty-cat. She was found as a stray by some kind people that brought her to Southern Hope.

We took her to the vet and discovered that she was previously spayed, so obviously she had a home at some point in her life. Dolly would love nothing more than to go back to living in a nice home with her special person(s).

Dolly is healthy, spayed and up-to-date on all vaccines. She is also microchipped so that she won't get lost again."

Southern Hope Humane Society

Southern Hope Humane Society Email - Featured Domestic Shorthair Cat, Roswell, GA: Mandi is a pretty 2.5 year old black and white cat. She is not an Abyssinian. "She has vibrant yellow eyes that sparkle and light up the room. Mandi has been at Southern Hope for over two years and has basically grown up in our cat room. It's such a shame because she is such a good girl and would make such a great companion! Mandi can be vocal when she wants your attention or a quiet lap cat. She will enjoy curling up and relaxing next to you for some quality petting time too. Mandi has a sweet purr and a precious face. We think that the right person has yet to find Mandi. Are you that person?" Southern Hope Humane Society

1 year old Domestic Shorthair female named Anastasia (NOT AN ABYSSINIAN). "Sweet little Anastasia is quite the lover girl! She loves to be around humans, and you can often hold a conversation with this vocal kitty. She keeps telling us that she wants to find a family and live happily ever after.Anastasia is between one and two years old and she would be the perfect pet for anyone.'Annie' also loves felt mice and will do anything for catnip! Why don't you come by and have a chit chat with this sweet baby today?" Southern Hope Humane Society




Danville, IL
Adult cinnamon declawed female Abyssinian named Nyla. "The pictures of Nyla do her no justice; she is a gorgeous deep orange color that is sure to draw your attention. She is not only gorgeous, but is also very loving and sweet. We strive to keep the animals clean, healthy, and comfortable while in our care, however, the animals at this facility face euthanization every single day. Their time here is limited due to lack of space." Vermilion County Animal Shelter - she was adopted out very quickly! :-)

Batavia (near Chicago), IL
Two 9 year old sisters, one ruddy and one blue female Abyssinians. "Due to some recently developed allergies by one of our children, we must part with our 2 cats. They are both pure Abyssinian (one ruddy, one blue) and we have the papers for both. They are 9 yr old sisters and have been together since birth, so we cannot separate them. They have been around large dogs and children for most of their lives, and they are very good with both. They are very loving, very playful cats that will make any cat lover happy. They have both been spayed, their front claws have been removed, and they are litter box trained." Craigslist

Rockford, IL
8 yr old show quality cinnamon/red female Abyssinian named Abby. "Abby is a purebred Red Abyssinian girl. She is 8 years old and has been fully vetted. Her owner relinquished her because their other cat was relentlessly harassing her. Abby will require a home with no other pets (no dogs or cats). She is a gorgeous dark rust colored cat." PAWS Humane Society

Chicago/Hinsdale, Illinois
6 yr old
ruddy neutered male Abyssinian. Craigslist


Noblesville (Indianapolis), IN
5 year old blue male Abyssinian named Reggy. "Regrettably our family must find loving home for Reggy, a blue male purebred abyssinian cat. He is a 5 yr old, neutered, very lovable and well behaved. He comes with a bag of food, litter box and carrier." CraigsList


Omaha, NE
7 yr old cinnamon male Abyssinian.
"King Louie and Little Dragon are Bonded Buddies. They'll be adopted as a pair for $70. These guys are a friendly pair who make themselves at home quickly. Dragon, a purebred Egyptian Mau, is the more affectionate, outgoing and vocal of the two. Louie, a purebred Abyssinian, is a watcher-on-the-sidelines. He observes everything, and you can see how intelligent he is as he considers every situation. These boys are a great pair and love each other very much. They need a very quiet home with either older kids or no kids and preferably no other pets." Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Davenport, IA
Adult ruddy male and female declawed Abyssinians named Shadrach and Snooty.
"This is a courtesy listing of a pair of cats in need of a new forever home. The pictures show both Snooty and Shadrach. They are both altered, declawed, litter trained and vaccinated. Shadrach weighs about 13#, has piercing green eyes and loves to be held like a baby. Snooty weighs 8-9# and also has the piercing green eyes, but does not like to be held, wants attention on her terms." Courtesy listing by King's Harvest.

Iowa City, IA
Adult male
Abyssinian named Google. "This wonderful, smart and loving cat is simply too active for my mother to keep up with any more. He is neutered and up to date on all his shots, but still has all of his claws. Google is a pure bred with the outgoing and quirky personality the breed is known for. Small adoption fee for this special boy."

Please don't declaw your cat. Here's why. http://amby.com/cat_site/declaw.html


Ashland, KS
6 yr old
neutered front-declawed male Abyssinian named Cougar. "I have been advised by my doctors to find new homes for my cats due to a pulmonary condition.  One is an Abyssinian by the name of Cougar.  I am very adamant about finding him a good home! Cougar is one of the sweet, gentle, loyal, and very loving types of Abys. He is always right there to comfort you when you feel bad." National Abyssinian Rescue
From new owner: "Hi-- Cougar, the Aby in Kansas has his forever home with me. He's my 4th rescue Aby over the past 25 years. He's adapting well, and his new name is The Great Cat Ra (to be called Ra). I picked him up [January 23rd]. I've been waiting and looking for another rescue since I lost my old boy last spring. Thanks! Lisa" Thanks to wonderful people like this, Abys get great homes when they need them!

Kansas City, Kansas
"Blue Rain is now 7 years old. Craigslist They found a good home for Rain. :-)

Olathe, Kansas
spayed ruddy female Abyssinian. Olathe Animal Control - found a good home!


Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky
 Maddy is a 9 year old ruddy Abyssinian female. "She needs a quiet household with no children (sudden noises scare her) but she is an absolute baby doll once she settles in." Kenton County Animal Shelter

Burlington, Kentucky
 Small adult cinnamon male Abyssinian in shelter and named "Stray" by them. Was adopted out very quickly! :-)


Baltimore, MD
2 yr old ruddy male Abyssinian named Zilla.
"Godzilla is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and felv/fiv neg. We named him Godzilla due to his birth place, Japan. He has travel many miles in his short life. He was dropped at a MD shelter due to his activity level. Aby's are all energy, they must, and will, find something to do. Family is a MUST. They love people and Zilla is no exception. He feels that everything that you do must be supervise or need help doing. Zilla has integrated in my household. We have cats and dogs so with proper introductions he should settle within an active family nicely." Bengal Rescue Network

Woodstock (near Baltimore), MD
13 year old ruddy male Abyssinian named Charlie (also Toby). " My name is Charlie (originally Toby but my foster mom thinks I look more like a Charlie) and I'm looking for my forever home. My foster mom took me in so I wouldn't have to go to a shelter and now I'm hoping I can find my forever home! I'm a pure bred Abyssinian, about 13 years old and I'm a total sweetheart! I have no teeth which adds to my charm. I've been examined by a vet, had full bloodwork done (they say I'm healthy!) and a bath. I love to be scratched behind the ears and I've been told I have a rather loud purr. I'd love to go to a home where I can live comfortably and have a family to call my own! If you're interested in meeting me, drop my foster mom an email. I hope to meet you soon! " Craigslist

Baltimore, MD
7 month old ruddy female Abyssinian. "New girlfriend was allergic to cats, so kitten was relinquished to the local shelter. " National Abyssinian Rescue Home was found quickly and she was placed by a local NAR member.

Hollywood, MD
chocolate female Abyssinian named "Pru" - owners moved and didn't want to take her with them. Animal Relief Fund Found a home very quickly.

Baltimore, Maryland
15 yr old
Abyssinian - "This older neutered male cat came into our shelter because his owner died." Found a good home for him.

Baltimore, Maryland
Bailey is a 7 year old purebred ruddy Abyssinian spayed female, up to date on vaccines, and felv/fiv neg. Bengal Rescue was asked to help with her.


Boston, MA
8 yr old ruddy female Abyssinian named Zanzi. "We have a beautiful pure-bred Abyssinian named Zanzibar ('Zanzi') for adoption. We would have never wanted to put her up for adoption if Zanzi was able to get along well with our other cat. Zanzi was a new comer to the house and my other cat did not like that very much." CraigsList

Beverly, MA
Adult blue male Abyssinian named Leo. "Leo was found almost frozen in the street, he was probably left by someone, or he was lost. He is a very affectionate cat, he wants to be the only one, he loves to sit on your lap and be petted. He has beautiful, distinctive coloring, he is a very special cat." Friends of Beverly Animals - "Leo is settling in and is a real joy to have around." - Hazel V.

Quincy, MA
4 year old cinnamon/red male Abyssinian named Ramses. "Ramses is a stunning cat. We believe he's an Abyssinian. He's 4 years old and a sweetie. More info to come." Quincy Animal Shelter

Boston, MA
ruddy spayed female Abyssinian named Bella. "Hello everyone, I'm Bella. I am very affectionate and once I feel comfortable I will rub against your legs and even your face. I like to chat and meow to you about my day, and my favorite hobby is to look out the window and relax." Animal Rescue League of Boston

Springfield, MA
2 yr old ruddy female Abyssinian named Felina. She has beautiful green eyes. Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center


Wyandotte, MI
Adult blue spayed female Abyssinian named Jezebel. "Jezebel is one of the sweetest cats at the shelter. Turned in as a stray with a mild injury, she is almost completely healed and was an absolute angel even when not feeling well. She loves to cuddle and seems good with other animals as well." Wyandotte Animal Control

Detroit, MI
7 year old ruddy male Abyssinian named Ra. He is front declawed and 9.5 lbs. Very friendly and affectionate, fine with dogs, might be okay with a laid back friendly cat. The foster family figured out what fixed his upper digestive tract issues, it's a tiny pill once every other day, very inexpensive. He is otherwise very healthy, has been vet checked, eats well, uses the litter box perfectly. He loves attention and loves interactive play the best (with his humans) like most Abys do, and is so affectionate! This boy was saved from a kill shelter and just wants somebody to love. National Abyssinian Rescue

Howell, MI
6 year old cinnamon spayed, front-declawed female Abyssinian named Cuyahoga. "No young kids. She is very curious and very vocal. She was an owner turn in and came in with Taz (an Ocicat, also front de-clawed). She is good with other cats and is fine with dogs with a slow introduction. For more information, call her foster at 734-648-0494 or email pokelsekd@yahoo.com or contact the shelter." Always Hope Animal Rescue

Traverse City, MI
Adult ruddy male Somali (longhaired Abyssinian) named Nico. "Nico is a pure bred Somali (long haired Abyssinian). He is the sweetest cat ever and is litter trained, declawed and neutered. I am moving to a place that doesn't allow cats and I want to find a very loving home for him. He has been around small dogs. Please call or email for more information." Craigslist

Angel & Heaven found a home together! :-)

Foster mom wants these two to go together, if possible. "Angel and her young son Heaven are available NOW! Angel was picked up by Animal Control and when they found out she was pregnant, a foster mother was contacted. The foster mom took Angel in and raised her kittens."

Livonia, MI
Adult ruddy male Abyssinian named Benjamin.
"Benjamin's mom is very ill and can no longer care for him. It was a very sad decsion, but she knew it was best to find him a new family. He is a good kitty and needs a family that will love and care for him as well as his mom does now. He is a purebred Abyssinian and absolutely stunning." Guardian Angel Animal Rescue

Lansing, MI
14 year old cinnamon/red Aby named Lucy.
"She has lived as an only cat with her one person (that she recently and suddenly lost) in an apartment for the past number of years and would probably do best in a similar situation.  Lucy has been in very good health and is up-to-date on her shots." National Abyssinian Rescue Lucy found a new forever home with relatives of her previous owner. :-)

Dearborn, MI
Two females need homes: Samiel (Sammy) cinnamon spay born 2-17-02 TICA and CFA registered. Sultana fawn female born 2-14-03 TICA registered. Shera Dickie, DVM, St. Julians Cat Care Good news! The foster family decided to keep them! :-)

Waterford, MI
1 yr old neutered male Abyssinian named Diggy.
"The current owner has to relocate and can’t have animals at his new place. This cat is very good with other cats and dogs and kids. He was purchased from a breeder and is a beautiful boy with a very sweet temperament." National Abyssinian Rescue With the help of NAR and this list posted on AdoptAnAby Yahoo Group, a new home was found very quickly for Diggy :-)


Belton, MO
1 yr old blue neutered male Abyssinian. He is Feline Leukemia Positive! "Jared has issues with his eyes and has limited vision but his spirit is very much intact.  This boy is such a character, he will do all sorts of tricks for attention.  He plays like no one's business.  He doesn't realize he is sick and besides his eyes, you can't tell either.  HELP will cover all his medical expenses for his lifetime. If you will just give him the chance he deserves, he deserves his own family." If you have other cats that are FeLV positive or want an only cat, Jared would make a wonderful companion. HELP Humane Society

O'Fallon, MO
12 year old ruddy male Abyssinian named Barney Rubble.
"Barney Rubble is a male ruddy Abyssinian, approximately 12 years old.  He was found walking down the road.  He was very skinny and very hungry.  We don't know how such a cat aristocrat ended up in his condition, but it took quite awhile for him to recover and start gaining weight.  He is doing well now and needs a good home to live out his remaining years.  He is affectionate and does well with other cats and with laid-back dogs." All Paws Rescue

St. Louis, Missouri
10 yr old
female Abyssinian named Bastat, does well with small dogs. Elderly mother going into nursing home. National Abyssinian Rescue Daughter found a great home.

Belton, Missouri
"Linn is a one year old purebred Aby. He is Feline Leukemia Positive with a lot of love to give. If you have other cats that are FeLV positive or want an only cat, Linn would make a wonderful companion. Linn is the only remaining Aby at our shelter from the rescue of 10 from the breeder who was going to kill them." Help Pets After he was available for a long time, a wonderful person opened their heart to this sweet boy!

Lamar, Missouri
Winston is a 2 year old ruddy Abyssinian. He is neutered, current on vaccinations, on flea control, and negative for feline leukemia and FIV. He is used to a multi-cat environment and is okay with kids and dogs. CPAC Cat Rescue


Billings, MT
3 year old blue female Abyssinian named Foxy. "My previous family is going to have a baby now and heard all these horror stories about cats and babies. They decided to donate us to Help For Homeless Pets so part of our adoption fee can help some of the other special kitties looking for homes. So my sister (Velvet) and I have to find a new home. We are good with other cats, kids and dogs too. We are looking for an indoor only home. We prefer somebody who is familiar with our breed. We are beautiful, sweet and well mannered kitties. Everybody who sees us just admire our soft fur coat and stunning eyes and color. We are both Declawed and spayed and current on our shots. We are looking forward to meeting our new family or companion to live with." Help for Homeless Pets


Reno, NV
Blue spayed female Abyssinian named Diva. "I am a true kitty angel. I like to hunt toy mice and to be petted. I am an adorable delight. I will sweep you away with my charm and personality. Will you give me a chance today?" Nevada Humane Society

17 year old blind female Aby named Aimie - owner recently passed away, was one of SCAR's (Southern California Abyssinian Rescue) main volunteers. A kind person who recently lost her Aby took Aimie and she is doing well now.


Nashua, NH
2 year old blue female Abyssinian named Fiona. "I am unfortunately forced to put my two wonderful cats, Juniper and Fiona, up for rehoming. I am moving from New Hampshire to New York City, and can not bring them with me. I will only place them together. Juniper, 7, is a big (~ 14 lbs) long haired white cat that brings a Maine coon cat to mind. Fiona, 2, is a small (~ 6 lbs) Abyssinian. Fiona is unaltered but I will only place with someone that will have her fixed. They are both affectionate and sweet, but are generally pensive around new animals, so I'd prefer them to go to a home with no other animals. They haven't been around kids much, but have been good with them when they have. I want to place them somewhere that they will have a lot of room to run around. They have always been indoor cats. Rehoming fee applies to ensure you're serious about them. I love my cats and will only put them in a good home." Craigslist


Plainfield, NJ
Samantha is one of several Abyssinian adults formerly used for breeding, shy in unfamiliar surroundings, in need of loving home.
"LIDA is assisting with placement of purebred Abyssinians from a breeder who passed away. Samantha is the most affectionate Abyssinian cat, ever! She is a beautiful ruddy. She does not like competition with other animals, so we suggest that she is the only 4 legged being in her home, and she will cuddle and talk to her human companion."
"We are now in need of a few special people to help with the socializing of 2 females and one male who had not received the love of human touch. They are fine when in a home, are not caging well in the kennel. Anyone who knows this breed knows that these are loving and people-friendly cats. If you would like to help with foster or adoption, please contact mdpa314@gmail.com The photo is a representation of the cats available, they are not as touchable and need work. The females are red, the boy is ruddy."
Lawyers In Defense of Animals

Plainfield, NJ
Adult male & female Abyssinians available from Lawyers In Defense of Animals (breeder deceased, several available).
"LIDA is assisting with placement of purebred Abyssinians taken from a former breeder. Several adult female Abyssinians from on-going rescue of cats from former breeder. Need adopters familiar with the breed to give loving homes. If you would like to help with foster or adoption, please contact mdpa314@gmail.com The photo is a representation of the cats available, they are not as touchable and need work. The females are red, the boy is ruddy." Lawyers In Defense of Animals

Plainfield, NJ
Amber is a young Aby, social with other cats, ruddy color.
"LIDA is assisting with placement of purebred Abyssinians taken from a former breeder. We are now in need of a few special people to help with the socializing of 2 females and one male who had not received the love of human touch. They are fine when in a home, are not caging well in the kennel. Anyone who knows this breed knows that these are loving and people-friendly cats. If you would like to help with foster or adoption, please contact mdpa314@gmail.com The photo is a representation of the cats available, they are not as touchable and need work. The females are red, the boy is ruddy." Lawyers In Defense of Animals

Voorhees, NJ
Adult male Abyssinian named Egypt.
"Neutered, declawed and litter box trained." Animal Welfare Association

South Orange, NJ
1 year old ruddy female Abyssinian named Zena. "Zena is a very sensitive cat. She is about a year old and was brought into the shelter by animal control. You need to get to know Zena slowly and, on her terms, but once you gain her trust Zena will be your snuggle bug for life. She does not like other cats and would do well in a home without children." Jersey Animal Coalition

Jersey City, NJ
6 year old cinnamon/red female Abyssinian named Kossi. "Say hello to Kossi, our latest feline foster. Shes a sweet 6 year old Abyssinian and every day she proves to us that even adult cats can be curious, playful and more active than our younger cats. Have you ever wanted a cat to help oversee housework or help you decide whats for dinner? If you're doing it, Kossi wants to be a part of it. Rest assured this sweet and silly girl will keep you smiling for hours. Like many Abyssinians, Kossi is uneasy in new situations. Give her time and she not only comes out of her shell, but she'll blend right into the rest of your family. Kossi will do best in a house without young children or other cats. This sassy girl is looking for someone that will see her beauty on the inside and out. Liberty Humane Society - in foster

Little Falls, NJ
Adult cinnamon female Abyssinian named Aksuna Moon. "Aksuna is very affectionate, playful and loves attention, so much so that she prefers to have her human all to herself. She is independent when alone, she will play on her own, eat and wander around the house. If you have a home where she can have entire house as her kingdom, than she is the one for you." S.T.A.R.T., Save The Animals Rescue Team

New Jersey
cinnamon young adult Abyssinians in Kill Shelter! "They were okay at the home, but since entering the shelter they are quite freaked out (as we can all understand)." Cumberland County SPCA

Hawthorne, NJ
Adult cinnamon female Aby - a very beautiful, nice Aby! "Solitaire is a real sweetheart, however she needs to be the only animal in the house. No children." Animals Need You

Englewood, New Jersey
5 yr old ruddy female Abyssinian named Adri. "Only the sweetest, most gorgeous, pure bred Abyssinian girl we have ever saved. Adri lost her home when her owner moved and could not take her." Only Hope Cat Rescue

Central/Northwest New Jersey
Two adult neutered Abyssinian males, 7 and 8 yrs old - "My elderly mother recently moved into a nursing home due to advanced Alzheimer's disease and I need to find a good home for her two Abyssinian adult males." National Abyssinian Rescue Figured out a way to keep them despite having Mastiffs too. We wish them all well!

Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Rusty is a 10 yr old ruddy male Abyssinian, parents were both show cats. Found a good home. Paws of Gold Feline Rescue


Santa Fe, NM
9 year old ruddy female Abyssinian named Mia. "MIA 4 is a pure Abyssinian who had a good home and a litter of three boys; however, her human has recently passed on and she is not happy living with her boys in Taos again as they are picking on her, causing her to become depressed and 'act out' in her current home. She would be fine with another gentle cat, just not one of her own sons. TEMPERAMENT: MIA 4 is a curious, sweet and active girl who needs lots of attention and love. She is a beautiful Abyssinian with a short rust-colored coat." Felines & Friends Rescue Found a good home after being listed twice. :-)

Sante Fe, NM (2nd time around - due to allergies)
6 yr old spayed and declawed female ruddy Abyssinian named Abbi. "Abbi is a purebred Abyssinian kitty who was adopted from a Connecticut animal shelter at about one year old, having already been declawed. Unfortunately, the vet who performed the declaw surgery apparently went too deep, which combined with her current weight may  be the reason Abbi walks a bit funny, won't jump more than three feet or so, and needs to land on something soft when jumping down, but is otherwise OK." Felines & Friends - New Mexico Chapter

Taos, NM
Adult blue male neutered Abyssinian named Zilbear.
"Up to date with vaccinations." Stray Hearts Animal Shelter

Taos, NM
Adult blue female spayed Abyssinian named Valkry.
"Up to date with vaccinations." Stray Hearts Animal Shelter

Santa Fe, New Mexico
 8 month old ruddy brother and sister Abyssinians - "Bella and her brother Simba were relinquished to Felines & Friends because “they broke too many things”. They are beautiful purebred Abyssinian cats (papers available) with very fit, muscular physiques. Brother and sister are very sweet and social, but a handful! They are VERY athletic and energetic, and they need a 'cat-proof' home that is willing to indulge their high-energy lifestyle and rambunctious nature." Felines & Friends Found a home very quickly! :-)

Ruidoso, New Mexico
6 yr old female ruddy Abyssinian - "Elsie is a beautiful Abyssinian with a sweet disposition." Ruidoso Humane Society


New City, NY
Senior ruddy spayed female Abyssinian named Sabzi. "Please help us! My husband says that Sabzi must go within the next two weeks. I am afraid we will have to put her in a shelter. Sabzi is a gorgeous Abyssinian that comes from champion backgrounds. She has her pedigree papers and has a chip for id purposes. She is extremely intelligent and has her own mind and knows it. She eats only raw meat - Nature's Variety instinct Raw. We need to find Sabzi a new home because we are moving to smaller quarters with other animals. Sabzi needs to be an only animal in the house. She can be very loving but wants all your attention without sharing with another pet. She will sit with you but does not like to be held. She gives kisses and take and purrs. Someone please help us and give her a new home." Rescue Me - New York Abyssinians

Warwick, NY
6 year old ruddy neutered male Abyssinian named Valentino.
"Valentino is a 6 yr old neutered ruddy color, male. He loves to play with dogs and is probably good with cats but has never been around them. He is also declawed. He is only kept in the house and is very clean. He has never been around young children. I need to find a home due to allergies. He loves to lick and give love bites. He will roll over for a treat and fetches if he feels like it. He is stunning to look at. Will email photo. He is microchipped." Rescue Me - New York Abyssinians

Farmingdale, NY
7 yr old cinnamon female Abyssinian named Cinnamon.
"I am a very sweet girl who has to be given up because my owner can no longer take care of me. I'm about 7 years old and an Abyssinian. Won't you consider giving me a home?" A Wing And A Prayer Animal Rescue

Whitestone, NY
Two 3 yr old cinnamon female Abyssinians.
"This is Myrta and Gloria who must be adopted together. You must not have other pets of any kind. They love each other and will love you the same if you would just give them a forever home. Owner is heart broken but must give up (due to allergies)." Le Cats on the Water

New York, NY
Two adult brothers front de-clawed, cinnamon male Abyssinians named Ricky and Felix. These two need to go together. "Affectionate and friendly, these two brothers will be the show stoppers in a forever home. Their front paws have been declawed but their backs are not. Ricky and Felix are gentle and divine and would make any owner feel special and loved." Humane Society of New York

New York, NY
4 year old ruddy female spayed Abyssinian named Abby. "This very beautiful 4 year old ruddy Abyssinian is in need of a new and loving forever home as her person passed away. She has become quite a dumpling but with the proper diet and lots of play and excercise her waistline will once again be perfect. She has an extremely sweet disposition and although she was a single cat she can readily be with other kitties." City Critters

Ardsley, NY
9 year old ruddy male Abyssinian named Simba. "9 yr old male Aby needs a new home due to owners divorce. Good with other cats and dogs." Cat Assistance

Brooklyn, NY
7 year old ruddy female Abyssinian named Pina. "COURTESY LISTING. I am looking for a very special, very loving, one-pet home for my 7 year old aby, Pina. She is a very sweet cat-loves her head rubs, always greets us at the door when we come home, purrs constantly and loves the cat laser! She is full of personality and generally has a great disposition! Pina is a great cat that deserves more love and attention than we can offer her now.Since the arrival of our baby and our full workload, she's not been the happiest cat and doesn't interact with us as usual-and has come to the point of hissing at visitors and at us and becoming a little more demanding in her personality. I would like to find her the right home to make her happy again. I'm sure once she has full attention and alot of love and time together, she will definitely offer you 100% aby love." Infinite Hope

Brooklyn, NY
Adult ruddy female Abyssinian named Betchka.
No info given. Animal Care and Control of New York City - Brooklyn Email only: info@nycacc.org

Bay Ridge, NY (NYC)
Two 7 month old ruddy Abyssinian kittens named Rusty and Misty.
"Misty and Rusty were rescued from the shelter on a plea of one of the wonderful New Hope workers who couldn't watch these two get sick. Well, smart move--they are adjusting after having been dumped at the shelter, and are looking forward to a loving, compassionate and appreciative home. These beauties, a boy and a girl, both altered, vaccinated, microchipped and negative for felv and fiv, will be very special additions to the right home. They're ok with other pets, but prefer not to be amidst chaos. They're under a year, maybe about 8 months old. Note the culturally appropriate Rusty, laying down and relaxing while his partner, Misty, is up and about! Just like the big cats in the jungle." K9Kastle

Briarcliff Manor, NY
Young adult pet quality cinnamon male Abyssinian named Bentley One.
"I am a friendly, self assured cuddly young guy. I'd like to meet my new family soon. This is a nice place to hang for a while but a new family with a comfy home would be terrific! And maybe if you don't have another cat, you could adopt me and one of my brothers!" Bentley's right ear is bent, which may have contributed to his name. ;-) SPCA of Westchester

New York, NY
Adult ruddy female Abyssinian named Cleo. "We recently relocated to a small apartment in New York and do not have the room or the time to properly care for and love our cats. We have an "Abyssinian Show Cat" She is a playful and inquisitive breed, slender, short haired, medium sized cat. Her name is Cleo. Our other cat is a "Scottish Fold" her name is Pumpkin. We adopted her 7 years ago when she was a year old from an Owner who was allergic. She is also very friendly, playful and good natured. Only requirement for adoption is a good and loving home." Craigslist

Brooklyn, NY
"I am currently the owner of a 7 year old Aby. Nile is his name.
I have had him since he was just weeks old. Right now I am looking for a place I can find for Nile as I am going to be leaving the country soon and rooming in a place before my departure that has a no pet rule due to allergies. He is very healthy and fun and has lots of strength and energy. A friend is fostering him in her home until a forever home can be found for him. I really need someone to take him soon. The home he is staying in is great but the party is constantly traveling and asking for help with him and I am not able to do so." National Abyssinian Rescue Contact: Leah Hamilton Email: lilihappi@gmail.com Phone: 718-596-5439 -- heard no information for a long time since owner placed Nile with a friend while she was away for business

Brooklyn, NY
7 year old blue female Abyssinian named Pearl.
"We are moving overseas this spring and were not able to bring our kitties along with us. L It would be great if they could stay together but if you think one is a match for you please be in touch! Both Pearl and THISKITTY are wonderful companions and have always been indoors. Pearl is a 7 year old Abyssinian spayed female. Shes gray in color and a slim 6.5 pounds. She is healthy and active, playful and loving. She does not like to be held but does love to stay close and be petted. She sleeps with us every night and loves to snuggle on the couch. She is not a rough-houser at all, but she does enjoy chasing after a feather toy and running around for treats. She is a healthy eater and is up to date with all of her shots, we just went to the vet and shes nice and healthy. ThisKitty (Pearl's buddy who can come along with Pearl, or not, as you wish) is a robust 3 year old Bombay neutered male, black in color and a muscular 11 pounds. He loves to run and play hard, feather toys and seeking to find treats. He is very loving and loves to be on our laps. He is a very healthy eater and is also up to date on all of his shots. Contact: patrickhere@mac.com" Courtesy Petfinder listing by WOOF!

Briarcliff Manor , NY
Young adult ruddy female Abyssinian.
"Really! I dont think I have chubby cheeks! So I don't know why I got this name. I think it's a cute name and certainly memorable but it's really a temporary name. I am a very dainty, sweet and young Abyssinian girl. I'd like a new home and I'll let you think of my new name!" SPCA of Westchester Adopted out very quickly! :-)

New York, NY
cinnamon female Abyssinian named Peek-A-Boo. "PEEK-A-BOO is a sweet, charming but shy purebred Abyssinian (with papers) who is in immediate need of a loving and forever home. She has just lost her person and the only home she has ever known but she will thrive in the right environment." City Critters Inc. "She is doing very well in her new home.  She is with other kitties and in a lovely situation overlooking Gramercy Park."

Briarcliff Manor, NY
Young adult
ruddy neutered male Abyssinian named Ranger. "I am a very sweet, handsome and young Abyssinian boy. I was living in a very nice home with several other feline friends (and a few dogs). Unfortunately it become a bit crowded for all of us to receive the attention we deserve." SPCA of Westchester

New York, NY
2 year old
fawn male Abyssinian named Simba. "He is purebred, neutered, declawed, and RIDICULOUSLY sweet and friendly. He looks like a mini cougar or lion cub. He is my mother's cat right now, and he is just not thriving in her house. Thank you in advance for your time and help." National Abyssinian Rescue

Rochester, NY
8 year old spayed ruddy female Abyssinian named Caitlyn. "Sadly, Caitlyn's owner had to go into a nursing home. She has lived with cats/dogs, but no kids." Paws and Purrs Rescue

Rochester, NY
8 month old neutered cinnamon male Abyssinian kitten. "'Carson' is a rescued male kitten. Beautiful red color pure Abyssinian. Foster mother fell in love with him and couldn't part with him after all. :-)

Briarcliff Manor, New York
blue female Abyssinian named Sugar. "I was living in a house with several other cats and it got a bit crowded for all of us. We were well taken care of BUT there is only so much time in the day for our guardians to give us the attention we crave." SPCA of Westchester

Briarcliff Manor, New York
2 yr old
blue female Abyssinian named Daffney. SPCA of Westchester

Briarcliff Manor, New York
Young adult blue female Abyssinian - "I am a sweet, pretty and friendly young Abyssinian girl named Jessie. I was living in a house with several other cats and it got a bit crowded for all of us. We were well taken care of BUT there is only so much time in the day for our guardians to give us the attention we crave." SPCA of Westchester

Briarcliff Manor, New York
Young adult
ruddy male Abyssinian named Abby - "I'm sweet but sometimes I can be a bit shy in new situations. I'd like a new home and if there is another cat, that would be fine. I came to the SPCA with several other cats (make that many severals)! The person taking care of us had good intentions but things got out of hand over time until there were just too many cats living together under one roof." SPCA of Westchester

Briarcliff Manor, New York
Young adult
ruddy male Abyssinian named Montana - "I am sweet, a little shy, and in need of a new home. I came to the SPCA with several other cats (make that many severals)! The person taking care of us had good intentions but things got out of hand over time until there were just too many cats living together under one roof." SPCA of Westchester

Briarcliff Manor, New York
Chance is a female cinnamon Aby kitten. "I am a very sweet and playful young kitten. I came to the SPCA with several other cats (make that many severals)! The person taking care of us had good intentions but things got out of hand over time until there were just too many cats living together under one roof." SPCA of Westchester She found a new home very quickly!

Briarcliff Manor, New York
Dewy is a very rare cinnamon silver Aby adult male. "I came to the SPCA with several other cats (make that many severals)! The person taking care of us had good intentions but things got out of hand over time until there were just too many cats living together under one roof." SPCA of Westchester

Brooklyn, New York
9 yr old blue spayed female Abyssinian. CraigsList

New York, New York
Penny is a six year old Aby that was given up by her owner. She is quite petite and beautiful." Zanis Furry Friends

Rochester/Warsaw, New York
5 month old
ruddy male Abyssinian kitten - stunningly gorgeous! Paws of Gold Feline Rescue This beautiful kitten quickly found a new home! :-)

Rochester, New York
1 yr old
cinnamon male Abyssinian named Abner. "Abner's owner dumped him at a shelter that was full and they were going to have to euthanize him.  Lucky for him, they called us to come save this sweet boy." Another Chance Pet Rescue This boy went to a great new home VERY FAST!

Rochester, New York
1 yr old
fawn female Abyssinian -- Audrey's owner passed away and she is sad, but ready to love someone new. Another Chance Pet Rescue Found a new home with the help of this list and National Abyssinian Rescue!

Wainscott/Long Island, New York
Senior adult
blue male Abyssinian named Abbott - "This Aby is soooo affectionate, not to mention handsome and regal. Previous owner too sick to care for him, Abbott is ready for a forever home. Declawed, on a raw food diet, Abbott needs an indoor life." Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons

Wantagh, New York
5 yr old fawn female Abyssinian -- Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter


Charlotte, NC
8 year old ruddy male Abyssinian named Noah. "Noah is a very loving, friendly cat. Not at all aloof. He always wants to cuddle and be held. He does not scratch or bite. He is very passive and trusting. Noah has grown up around dogs so does not have a fear of them. He is a strictly indoor cat. He is not declawed, as long as he has a scratching post he is well behaved. He does not have accidents, and has good litter box manners. He would be perfect for someone that wants a very affectionate cat, that will shadow you all the time and will be gentle with him since he is so passive. I am recently unemployed and moving in with family that are very allergic to cats so i need to find Noah a good home." Craigslist with National Abyssinian Rescue helping :-)


Columbus, OH
2 year old blue female Abyssinian named Aurora. "Welcome to Aurora, a beautiful, blue Abyssinian who was left on the doorstep of a former cat rescuer. She is extremely loving with people, but does not care for other cats. She has a huge purr and will head butt you for affection. She might do well with a dog that has been raised around a cat. Wow, when you see her in person she looks exactly like a miniature cougar! Her name is after the Greek goddess of morning and dawn. The name, Aurora, means dawn. She is 2-3 years young, sweet, and spayed. She would love to be the goddess of the household. She is fully vetted, up to date on her shots, combo tested negative and treated for worms and fleas. If you are interested in adopting Aurora, please email us at ccrescue614@yahoo.com and we will get you an application to fill out." Persian Purebred Purrbaby Rescue

Cincinnati, OH
 10 yr old cinnamon male Aby - "L@@king for a special cat with special needs? Here's a beautiful Abyssinian, Mushu Dragon, that we rescued from a high kill humane shelter." He is declawed and is still in pain from it years later so he uses a special kind of litter. community!^..^!CATalysts TNR network, - Email: woodhousecat@aol.com -- Not sure but it looks like the foster home decided to keep him.


Oklahoma City , OK
 7 yr old neutered male ruddy Abyssinian named CJ. "Special Adoption Fee Applies. CJ is a 7 year old Ruddy Abby rescued from the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter. A complete and total lovebug, he is very affectionate and very demanding of your attention. He would do well in an active home, or with a retired couple who are home all day to cater to his every whim. His pedigree is attached. Not that it is doing him any good, but still, he is very impressed with it!" Ms. Kitty's Cat Rescue Inc. A wonderful home was found for him with a retired couple who he very obviously already loves (Aby head butts). :-)

Norman, OK
4 year old VERY RARE chocolate silver female Abyssinian. "My name is Latta. I have been fostered by a very loving and caring vet clinic that has seen to all my health and social needs, and now I am ready for you to love me and I will love you right back. I am a very healthy and down-right knock-out gorgeous girl with a sweet disposition!" Hands Helping Paws


Medford, OR

Craigslist - 4 year old female Abyssinian.

"House cat only. Needs a home with no other cats, likes dogs. Spayed, shots, up to date. Declining family income dictates good home for her. $75"


Portland, OR
7 yr old fawn female Abyssinian named Anya.

"Anya is a terrific, petite, 6 pound cat in perfect health (no meds, no special diet etc.).

She loves riding on your shoulder and basking in a sunny window. She has her claws, of course, and always uses the litter box. We got her as a kitten from an Abyssinian breeder so we have been her only owners.

We are also proud owners of a ruddy 8 year old male Aby who Anya has been very happy living and playing with. Anya could live with other cats and maybe even dogs (she has not lived with any dogs but seems comfortable with them when she has seen them at the vet).

Anya is in need of a home without children as she is very protective of children (we now have a newborn and a 19 month old toddler). She is terrific with kids coming to visit and has been wonderful around our 8 year old twin nephews, but a kid free home is what the baby girl needs! We will just be devastated to see Anya go, but know it will be a better long term solution for her.

Please email us if you have a good, cat lovin' new home. We are happy to fly Anya wherever necessary to find her a new home."
Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue helped with postings along with National Abyssinian Rescue and a good home was found for Anya!

Winchester, OR
9 yr old
female ruddy Abyssinian named Sassy. "Sassy is spayed. One of her back legs doesn't work as well as it used to, but she still gets around fine." Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center

Portland, OR
8 yr old
ruddy female Abyssinian named Ella. "Ella is quite a stunning beauty. She is incredibly affectionate and will headbutt and flirt with her friends for hours on end. She is energetic and occasionally likes to let loose and play a game. Ella is looking for a quiet home where she can be the one and only pet. Other animals and small children tend to cause her stress. This beautiful lady will make a wonderful companion for the right home. Visit her today and prepare to be smitten!" Oregon Humane Society

Portland, OR
11 year old
cinnamon female Abyssinian named Lady. "River is a gorgeous girl with a matching personality! She is a social butterfly and is known to follow you around sit in your lap during evenings and sleep by your side at night. Though she is easy-going and calm, Lady would love a quieter home where she can live her golden years in peace and happiness. She has had positive experience with smaller dogs but would rather not have to share her family with cats." Oregon Humane Society

Newport, OR
15 year old
cinnamon female Abyssinian named Kira. "This 15 year old girl just wants a quiet place to live out her life. If you have room for a sweet senior, she would be very grateful." Lincoln County Animal Shelter


Reading, PA
3 yr old cinnamon neutered male Abyssinian named Ace.
"Ace is a beautiful red Abyssinian. He is 3 year old neutered male that is front declawed. He stresses over changes in his living environment so he has become grumpy and mean on adoption day. This is not his true nature. He just wants to feel secure and loved. He seems to enjoy just being with his foster family. He looks for a pat on the head every time he sees one of them. He doesn't need to lie directly on them, but prefers to sit at the foot of the bed. He spends the night sleeping in enclosed items, a tunnel or a bed with a roof. He helps his foster mom every morning to make the bed. He dives under the covers as she is pulling them up and plays around inside while she piles more layers on him." The CatWorks Inc.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
 2 yr old
female ruddy Aby. Craigslist

Altoona, Pennsylvania
12 year old
neutered male ruddy Abyssinian. "I am Peanut and very nice. My brothers where dogs so I tend to act a little like a dog. Even though I'm older I still have a lot of spunk in me. Once I know you I will give you hugs and kisses. My owners loved me but had to move and could not take me along. I would really love a new home with people to love me." Central PA Humane Society - Found a new home very quickly! :-)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 5 yr old male ruddy Aby - Loving playful Aby. Spike is in a foster home, not the shelter itself. Project M.E.O.W. (Make Every One Wanted) Finally found a good home! :-)


Middletown, RI
Adult cinnamon male Abyssinian named Aengus. "Aengus is a shy boy that needs so time to warm up to people. Trust us it is worth the wait when he does. He is a talker and will walk around rambling on about whatever he needs to get off his chest. He would do well in a quiet home with other animals." Potter League for Animals

Pawtucket, RI
2 yr old blue neutered male Abyssinian named 'No Name' (poor guy). "This cat is a neutered male Abyssinian. He is approximately 2-3 years old and will soon be available for adoption. He was removed from a home with many cats and is a bit shy. We are hoping to place him in a quiet home with someone who can give him lots of attention." Pawtucket Animal Shelter

Riverside, Rhode Island
Young adult ruddy female Abyssinian named Pasha. "She is a very sweet girl and she is drop dead beautiful. The owner lost her home to foreclsure and that how we got these beautiful cats." Cat Adoption Team Services


Chattanooga, TN
2 year old ruddy female Abyssinian named Sheba. "I have a 2 year old spayed ruddy female abyssinian named Sheba,  that I can no longer take care of.  I am having family issues that keep me from being able to take care of her and feel it is in her best interest to find her another home.  She does have a couple of quirks you will have to deal with.  She does not like to be picked up or held.  She also has a very sensitive stomach and when she gets stressed she has loose stools.  Due to the issues that I am having it has disrupted her routine and she has started removing hair from her tail in several spots. She does not like other aby cats so I do not think she would do well with other abys, however, I do not know about any other type of cats.  I have only seen her get upset with seeing another aby.  She loves to play and will get up on me to be loved on.  She is very smart." Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue / Craigslist - Owner found a wonderful patient new person for Sheba.


Flower Mound, TX
Adult cinnamon neutered male Abyssinian named Bradshaw. "Meet Bradshaw. This handsome boy came to a shelter as a stray and appeared to have been on the street for awhile. Several vets have concurred that he is a full bred Abyssinian Red Sorrel. He does characterize all the habits and traits of that breed. Totally social and at home with kids, dogs, and cats. Wants to be with his people at all times. Will follow you around and be at your side when you are sleeping, watching TV or reading a good book. He will definitely make someone a wonderful companion and friend." Humane Society of Flower Mound

Houston, TX
My name is Sebastian and I am an 8-year-old ruddy Aby. "I am already neutered, up to date with shots, good with kids, not good with dogs, and not good with cats."For Peetey's Sake Dog & Cat Rescue


Houston, TX


1 yr old fawn female, 3 yr old ruddy male (deceased breeder in Michigan).
"Very sweet boy and girl, one neutered male and a spayed female. This is National Abyssinian Rescue stepping up to help directly."

"They love to play with toys and leap and fly through the air to get them!" National Abyssinian Rescue

Houston, TX
Adult ruddy and blue male Abyssinians.
"Pair of beautiful, affectionate brothers, one ruddy, one blue. Neutered and no front claws. Moving, can't bring them." Oodle - Facebook Marketplace

San Antonio, TX
9 month old cinnamon male Somali (long-haired Abyssinian) named Raider.
" Raider is a nine month (DOB Feb 2010) old red somali kitten. He is fully vetted (neutered, FIV/FELV negative, up to date on vaccinations, has been wormed, microchipped and flea treated) and is ready for his forever home. Raider ended up in rescue after his breeder lost their house. This kitten is WONDERFUL! He is exceedingly outgoing, very affectionate and loving. Raider does have the HIGH energy level typical of this breed. This boy would do best as either an only cat OR with a younger, smaller female cat. Raider has some food sensitivity, so he absolutely must be fed California Natural Chicken & Brown Rice. The food is available at store retailers - so it's not expensive, nor is it hard to find." South Texas Persian Rescue

Houston, TX - THANKS to Denise, Sheryl, Pat & Donna, these two have found good homes!! (the last three people listed are Aby breeders)
Adult spayed ruddy female and adult neutered cinnamon male Abyssinians. Craigslist


Burlington, VT
 9 yr old
blue male Aby named William - He went to the Chittenden County Humane Society in early December. He is a very loving, people-oriented Abyssinian, however he does not get along with other cats or dogs very well. William was Pet of the Week. Finally found his forever home. :-)


Richmond, VA
Beautiful 3 year old ruddy Abyssinian female.
"Three year old Abyssinian cat in need of good home. We are not the original owners, cat was left behind by previous roommate due to personal issues. We have been caring for it for about a year. Cat lives outdoors but can come inside and is litter trained. In good health, but have no records, from what we know she is up to date in all shots. Beautiful, smart cat with a lot of personality. Of rare origin and breed. Really hoping to find her a good home because quite frankly we are not cat people and have gave her nothing but love and shelter and food but with our new residence we can no longer take care of her without her being in danger of being attacked by the neighborhood stray cats or neighboring dogs. She has a few scratches on her ears because she recently got in a scuffle with another cat and we really don't want to have to make her stay in our small yard. We also have a free never used never opened LitterMaid self cleaning self litter box, approximately $130 value (another thing left behind by the roommate) for you to take as well. Please serious inquiries only. Thank you!" Craigslist

Arlington, VA
6 year old ruddy male Abyssinian named Rocky.
"Meet Rocky. This handsome, special needs kitty is very easy going and laid back. He loves attention and squeaks with joy when you pet him. His owners could not take care of him now that he is a known diabetic. They were going to put him to sleep but one of our veterinarians decided to foster him until we can find him a home. He will need insulin shots every day." Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, Inc.
(Please note: Some cats can recover from diabetes with a high protein, no grain diet (sponsored link to Amazon.com for a book that explains how entitled "Your Cat:Simple New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life" By Elizabeth M. Hodgkins, DVM). Like people, exercise and less calories resulting in best weight for size is also helpful. Look for 40% minimum protein in dry food & 10% minimum protein on side of can in canned food. Make sure to give your cat plenty of water either with a drinking fountain and/or canned food.)

Winchester, VA
Adult fawn female Abyssinian.
"This is a very small female Abyssinian who was rescued from a dire situation. Animal Allies is not a shelter facility and can only accommodate a limited number of animals who are fostered in the homes of volunteer rescue assistants when they are not at the Winchester Petsmart location." Animal Allies Winchester -- Thanks to Animal Allies this beautiful girl was rescued and a good home was found for her quickly!

Merrifield, VA
8 yr old ruddy male Abyssinian named Max.
"Due to progressively worsening allergies, which have now caused me asthma like symptoms, I am reluctantly forced to find him a new home. Max is the most loving, affectionate cat I have ever come into contact with! He is laid back and not the most active of kitties, but he LOVES to snuggle. His favorite activities include cuddling on the coach, cuddling under the covers and drinking out of a running water faucet. He is not a picky eater and has never scratched, bitten or “missed” the litter box. Mr. T and Max have been together since they were kittens. They love each other and must be adopted together. Please limit enquiries to the Greater Washington, D. C. area." 4Paws Rescue Team

Richmond, VA
Adult cinnamon male Abyssinian named Reese. " Hello, my name is Reese, and I'm pretty nice! I'm a little nervous, and I'm not a very big fan of toys, but I just love to be pet. If you can help me build my confidence, I'll reward you with lots of purrs and love!" Richmond SPCA

Richmond, VA
Adult blue female Abyssinian named Zina.
"Hiya, my name is Zina and I'm a lovebug! I love meeting new people, and I'm very talkative. I am a little shy in new places, so I need a loving home to help build my confidence." Richmond SPCA

Alexandria, VA
7 year old cinnamon neutered male Abyssinian named Sinbad.
"Sinbad is a highly affectionate, fun, people-oriented cat. He has some special needs." Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

Virginia Beach, Virginia
 8 yr old male ruddy Aby - "Brutus was transferred to our shelter from Virginia Beach Animal Control so we do not have much information about his past. He may take a few minutes to warm up to new people and should not be adopted into a household with children. Brutus would do best with a quiet adult family. We do not know how he behaves around other animals." Virginia Beach SPCA

Northern Virginia
6 yr old
ruddy female Abyssinian, very outgoing. Rescue was asked to take her on an emergency basis. Found a great home for her! "She is so full of love that she is almost comical. Many thanks to National Abyssinian Rescue, and a happy ending for Lucy."

Alexandria, Virginia
Mr. Biggles has found his forever home! Linda says he is thriving and he doesn't have food allergies, just hairballs! He is acclimating to the other two cats, too. Just another example of how a cat sometimes has to find the right home and owner to be just fine. :-) National Abyssinian Rescue


Bellingham, WA
12 yr old ruddy spayed female Abyssinian named Cynni.
"Hi I am Cynni! I am about 12 years old. However, if you watch me in action you'd think I was two. My beloved owner passed away and I would desperately love to be your new best friend. I am very sweet. I love to eat, play and be petted. Please say you'll give me a wonderful new home!" Whatcom County

Kirkland, WA
11 yr old blue neutered male Abyssinian named Ramses. "Ramses is a gorgeous blue Abyssinian born 10/1/02. He is an affectionate cat who loves people. He has a high energy level and needs a home in which he can run around to tire himself out, followed by a warm lap and cuddles with his people. He loves to be cradled like a baby, and he is thrilled by kisses! Ramses can be dominant with other cats, so we recommend a home where he can be the only cat. However, he gets along well with dogs given a proper introduction. He would make a good family cat in a home with older children. After being abandoned, Ramses was found in the backyard of a good Samaritan. He was weak and emaciated, and was suffering from a condition called Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), which interferes with digestion. With help from MEOW he received the medical care he needed, and his condition is now well managed with a special diet and oral steroids. Now that he can absorb nutrients, he is healthier and more active than ever. While he is technically a senior cat, many people think he is a kitten when they first meet him. Ramses is currently in a foster home but if you would like to meet him or have questions, please call or email us, or come by the MEOW shelter in Kirkland." Meow Cat Rescue

Lynnwood, WA
12 yr old fawn female Abyssinian named Judy. "If your arms or lap are empty they won't be for long. Judy is a sweet, very affectionate 12 years young kitty with a heart of gold to match her fur. Easy with a purr and hard to put down, you won't wonder where your new companion is because she will be right at your side, if not on your shoulder. Judy has a heart murmur that needs a follow up evaluation. Come visit her at PAWS and she will have you saying "Judy, Judy, Judy. Where have you been all my life?" Judy's adoption fee is $75."

Seattle, WA
Adult ruddy male Abyssinian named Izzy. "Izzy the Abyssinian is a very active cat with lots of love to give. He's fairly health for a purebred, but suffers from IBD and will need to be kept on a strict diet to avoid flair ups. Email the rescue for more information on this condition. His foster dad reports no issues with Izzy's health on a venison diet. Izzy is good with other cats, but adores people the most. He gets along very well with kids enjoying their attention. He is a fairly active cat and as the picture shows, really likes to be at eye level with his people. Please email if you would like more information on a cat as this is the most efficient way for rescue personnel to communicate. Only call if email is not possible. Thank you for understanding." Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue

Seattle, WA
4 yr old ruddy male Abyssinian named Ducky. "I adopted Ducky, a retired 4 year old Abyssinian cat whose good looks and great temperament made him the genetic foundation of a breeding program, from a great breeder on the eastside a couple months ago, but he was never able to get over some aggression issues he had with my two female cats. He is a truly awesome cat who loves people. His breeder is aware of the issue and we've both been looking for a new home for him but haven't turned anything up, so I'm casting a wider net. He's currently living in my bathroom and gets all the attention I can spare, but he wants to be a part of the household badly. I'm asking a $100 rehoming fee."
The breeder has him now and found a great home for him.

Sammamish, WA
13 yr old blue Abyssinian male. " Good news in that we just got Slater back from the vet & the cat is no longer diabetic..we changed from an allergenic diet to a higher protein diet and his labs are now normal, plus he is not showing any signs of his old allergies. I am nearing retirement.  We are desperately looking for someone to adopt Slater. He would have to be an only pet as he is very territorial and does not tolerate other cats.  He is a beautiful and loving cat." National Abyssinian Rescue A local nurse adopted Slater.

Kent, Washington
Two 1 yr old males - Abyssinian littermates, one cinnamon and one blue. "We have two Abys, littermates, being housed by a foster home in the Seattle, WA, area. Placed in the Kent, WA, shelter due to the death of their owner. King County Animal Shelter Found a great home together! :-)


Milwaukee (Franklin), WI
Three 10 yr old purebred Abyssinian cats.
"My parents have three female purebred Abyssinian cats that we "rescued" from an animal breeder about ten years ago. When we purchased them, the cats were stuck in a small cage, only handled when given medicine. Fast forward ten years....and the cats, while beautiful, still need a lot of tlc. My father just doesn't have the time or energy anymore to try to work with them. The only other option to someone adopting them from him is the humane society. The three cats are all in perfect health, all are sisters, all about 10.5 years old. One is slightly overweight but slight is the key. The cats are blue, ruddy, and red. These cats are gorgeous! All three are fixed, all three are litter box trained without an accident in years, but all three haven't been able to even be picked up in the time my parents have had them. However my parents haven't tried either, so we are talking about nonprofessional rehabilitates trying to rehabilitate three cats. Please understand these cats won't just disappear into your house, but also aren't lap cats unless you are skilled with them. They purr, they are friendly, just need more attention or a different type of attention. They have no experience with kids, and while in a house with dogs, the dogs were not hyper or chasing them. As I said these are purebred cats, very expensive if buying as kittens or cats.... And all we ask is they go to a loving house. The alternative is the humane society, and we fear the worst there."

Oshkosh, WI
3 yr old blue male Abyssinian named Baby Blue.
"BABY BLUE...is a gorgeous SHOW QUALITY BLUE ABYSSINIAN. He is neutered, has his claws, weighs a sleek 7.5 pounds and is 3 years old. For a long time things went well but gradually Baby Blue started harrassing some older female kitties in the house and is making life very difficult for them. It is in all the cats' best interests for Baby Blue to have a home of his own. He currently gets along superbly with another young male but does pick on one other male and both females. Baby Blue would do very well as an only kitty with a doting adult. He's so easy to spoil, forgive and love all the time. He would be fine with older children. His intensity would be too much for younger kids. He likely would do fine with a dog." Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue 262-654-0764

Whitefish Bay, WI (Milwaukee, WI)
8 year old male ruddy Abyssinian named Leo.
"We thought he would adjust to a puppy 2 years ago and did not. His life is not happy and he would be happier with a family on his own. We are looking for a good home for him. He is neutered and has all of his vaccines. He is in excellent health and has had regular teeth cleanings." A great home was found for him through this website! :-)

Sheboygan, WI
Young adult
male cinnamon Abyssinian named Ramsey. "Hi, I am here awaiting my forever home. I hope that it will be with you. Do you have room in your heart and home for me?" Sheboygan County Humane Society Ramsey's adopter says: "He is huge for an Aby. I don't care. He is a hoot! He has the Aby personality. Love him already.  The shelter was great. I can't believe what great care he received there. And thanks for helping me find him. I named him Riley as he will have the life of at my house. Also means (he's a) jovial guy that others want to take care of because he so nice."

Kenosha, WI
4 year old
cinnamon female Abyssinian named Rosie. "Rosie came to us from a vet clinic in northern Illinois. Her previous owners had left her there to be put down because they wanted to travel and  just didn't want to take care of a pet any more. The clinic refused to put Rosie down and she was signed over to them. In the course of their examination of her it was found that she had a painful eye ulcer that had never been treated and was in the process of rupturing the eye.  So one of Rosie's beautiful bright gold eyes had to be removed to save her further pain and infection. She is otherwise a perfectly healthy young cat and is not on any medications." Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue

Kenosha, Wisconsin
6 yr old female fawn Abyssinian. "ELECTRA is an elegant fawn Abyssinian." Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue Her family decided to keep her despite family allergies. :-)

Kenosha, Wisconsin
5 yr old cinnamon female Abyssinian - "BEATRICE is a lovely girl. She is very much the typical female Aby. She is intensely affectionate and bonds closely with her people, giving head bumps and purring up a storm. She is intelligent, extremely playful, ACTIVE and just a little doll. Bea wants to be everywhere her foster mom is but is not a lap cat and is not into being picked up (both typical Aby traits)." Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue Found her new home very quickly! :-)

Kenosha, Wisconsin (was Springfield, Illinois)
5 year old ruddy Aby female.
Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue stepped in to rescue this girl from the Illinois kill shelter with the help of two people who work with the shelter. She found a home very quickly!

Oshkosh/Kenosha, Wisconsin
1 year old ruddy female - came from horrific circumstances. Late last fall they were removed from a home along with 65 dogs and several other cats. Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue

Oshkosh/Kenosha, Wisconsin
LITTLE MISS is a beautiful 7 yr old red Abyssinian. She and her sister are now adopted. Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue



Brighton, ON
8 yr old RARE black silver male Abyssinian named Cosmo.
"8 year old male Abyssinian cat must go to a loving home. Owner can't take a care of them anymore. Cosmo (silver) is a very personable cat that loves attention. Indoor and outdoor cat. Neutered. Has lived with a single lady with lots of visitors." Spring Valley Animal Shelter

Brighton, ON
8 yr old ruddy male Abyssinian named Selassie.
"8 year old male Abyssinian cat must go to a loving home. Owner can't take a care of them anymore. He is a very personable cat that loves attention. Indoor and outdoor cat. Neutered. Has lived with a single lady with lots of visitors" Spring Valley Animal Shelter


Anjou, QC
2 year old blue neutered male Abyssinian named Boris. "Boris is a 2 1/2 year old Abyssinian. The former owners brought him for euthanasia because he was aggressive. However, with us, he is mostly a nervous cat, but not aggressive. He will need a stable home and a comprehensive plan of action that will guide him through his anxiety. In the beginning he may hide, but we see that he is curious and affectionate even when he is anxious. The adoption fee is $175 Canadian which includes neutering, the first vaccine, deworming and microchip. He is declawed on all four paws." Foundation HVE


Montreal, QC
4 year old ruddy male Abyssinian named Ali.
"Ali was brought out of a shelter after showing signs of fear-averted aggresion. He is doing very well in his foster home and a loving, affectionate cat BUT will need an experienced owner in the event he does show signs of his fear again. He would be fine with a docile dog and will take great patience to accept another cat." Animal Adoption Montreal & Chatopia

Gatineau, QC
2 year old ruddy female spayed Abyssinian named Maggie.
"This little girl is looking for a home with someone familiar with the breed and she would like to be the only pet in an adult home. For more information, visit with Maggie, at the SPCA of Western Quebec, 659 Auguste Mondoux, just off the Pink Road, in the Aylmer Sector of the City of Gatineau." SPCA of Western Quebec

Gatineau, QC
5 year old ruddy male neutered Abyssinian named Charley.
"Charley is very affectionate. He is an overweight boy (weighs in at 26 pounds!!!) who needs to be in a home where he will get exercise and diet cat food. He is a lovely boy who loves to be with people and will be a loyal, loving companion. For more information, visit with Charlie in our Adoption Centre, at the SPCA of Western Quebec, 658 Auguste Mondoux, just off the Pink Road, in the Aylmer Sector of the City of Gatineau. " SPCA of Western Quebec


Sydney, Nova Scotia
7 yr old spayed female Abyssinian named Jessie. "I need your help for a Rescue. My father passed away recently and he had one of my black-silver (ruddy silver) Abyssinians. My mom cannot keep the cat and I live in Switzerland. Jessie is a spay 7 year old black-silver Abyssinian female, very active and playful. She is very charming. I would like her to stay with people without children or dogs or other cats. She lives now in Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada. For more information please contact me personally. National Abyssinian Rescue Thank you for your help! Melanie Walzer -- Opelousa's Abyssinians"


Surrey, Vancouver
4 yr old ruddy male Abyssinian.
"This guy is seeking a new home where he can be the only cat. He is afraid of other cats and children. He is very mushy and affectionate and would love to find an owner seeking the same! He loves to be with you all the time and sit on your lap and sleep with you at night. He is healthy and well mannered, 4 yrs old. He is an inside only cat NOT to be running loose outside! Please write and tell us a little about your home. :) Adoption fee $100." Craigslist

Trail, British Columbia
1 year old cinnamon male Abyssinian. Trail Regional Branch BC SPCA - adopted on the second try

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