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Here is a list of the Abyssinian breeders in the U.S. who we have personally vetted and in most cases have been to their homes and seen their cattery.  We back their guarantee with ours, and will replace any kitten of theirs.


AAabyHaven - FL

AbyCuties - CA

Bearbrook - FL

Blue River - FL

Canyonkatz - FL

Catsong - CT

CatTrekker - OK

Cheetara - WA

Fabylus - MO

Goofyfoot - NC

Grape Arbor - CA

Heru - WA

Kahalicats - NY (Somali & Aby kittens available now!)

Kaisar's Katz - GA

Karraway - KY

Northwoods - WA

Nudawnz - OH

Pentaclecats - FL

Pierremont - MO

Silver Purrs & Paisley Paws - IL

Sumatra - IA


Our beautiful co-owned boy LA IW RW SGC Fenix Basement Jaxx is now an International Winner and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner.  We have carefully bred him into our lines.  Our current stud boy Bo is his son.

Our kittens are descended from TICA International Winners (IW), CFA National Winners (NW) and TICA/CFA Regional Winners (RW).

We show our Abyssinians because we want to keep up with the breed standard.  We also enjoy seeing friends that we only get to see during a show.  And it lets us interact with the public and show everybody in person how beautiful and wonderful Abyssinians are.


CFA RW, GP Aksum/Advance Peyton
Photo by owner Chris Crane

We are breeding for show quality Abyssinians from show or breeder quality cats so almost all of our kittens are also show quality although none are guaranteed to be.  We price our kittens according to color and rarity and will work with you on discounts and rebates if you are serious about showing one of our Abyssinians.  One of our kittens went as a show alter for the first time officially in June 2016!  He is now a Grand Premier in CFA and was #5 Allbreed in the Region for the 2017-2018 show year in CFA for a Regional Win!  He travels well and is a very confident, beautiful boy from Annie & Lionel.  (See above picture.)

Our kittens are usually sold six to twelve months in advance of their birth (we will refund the deposit if you want it back and haven't been offered an Aksum kitten within six months). Our kittens are picked up and petted and played with several times a day from the first minute they are born, and when they are big enough and have had their first vaccinations, are integrated into the group of cats in our bedroom and sleep with us and are socialized to live with people in harmony with them (sleeping at night when we sleep, teaching them not to bite toes, fingers, or wires, using the litter box properly, eating wet and dry food, drinking water, etc).

Like most responsible breeders, we do require that you fill out a Buyer Questionnaire via email.  An approved questionnaire and a deposit are required to be put on the Priority Waiting List for the next available kitten (in the order the deposit is received by us).  You are welcome to come visit us and the cats and kittens after you have filled out a questionnaire and it has been approved.  A deposit is not required before visiting.

The illustration at right is of actual examples of the different Abyssinian colors we breed.  We had to start over with the chocolates and sex-linked creams, reds, and torbies, but we now occasionally have some kittens with rare colors.

Aksum kittens may go to their new homes starting at 12 weeks old.  We insist on indoor-only homes and no declawing in our signed, written contract.  The kittens come with their first vaccinations, microchip, registration papers, and a five-generation pedigree.  They will be already pediatrically spayed or neutered before they go as pets at our risk and expense.  We use a modified live virus vaccine (usually Purevax) so they get less total vaccinations and have less chance of getting vaccine associated sarcomas (killed virus vaccines have an adjuvant which deliberately causes inflammation in order to work properly, and inflammation sometimes causes cancers).

Our written contract has a health guarantee.  Our kittens are guaranteed free of feline leukemia, feline AIDs, ringworm fungus, Tritrichomonas protozoa parasite, and other major diseases for 14 days, and from genetic diseases, heart disease and feline infectious peritonitis for one year (see the written contract for details).  We also give the new owner one month of free pet insurance.  It's Nature, not computers, and it doesn't always work out like we hope or plan for, but we do our best, and the contract details the contingency plans.

Transport of your kitten to you is extra and is usually $350 (East coast) to $550 (West coast) within the continental US depending on how close to Atlanta you are.  We ask that you pay the kitten handler directly or pay us in advance if we are transporting for you.  We will transport for the cost of the airplane ticket plus the pet fee the airline charges, or gas money if we are driving to meet you (actual cost only).  You are always welcome to come here to pick up your kitten.

The three kittens in the photo at right are cream, sex-linked red, and blue.  The cream is now our stud boy Mikey who is helping us re-start our rare colors.  The other two went as pets.

We encourage you to come pick up your kitten here at our home and even visit your kitten before he/she is ready to go.  Visitors are *always* welcome here after the Buyer Questionnaire is approved.  The kitten handler/transporter acts as our agent.  As a result, you can refuse the kitten at the time of transfer from the transporter if you feel the kitten is not what you paid for, and your money will be refunded.

We are available for advice for the lifetime of the kitten and we take this commitment very seriously.  We also will take the kitten back if the new owner is no longer able to care for them at any time during their life, no questions asked, no blame.  We really do mean this, have done it, and will always do it!

The photo at left is two of our new queens - Velvet at left and Jasmine on the right.  We enjoyed watching them grow up in our bedroom with us.

We rescue Abyssinians too and have a Petfinder account to help place them. We also are a part of a large North American network rescuing and placing homeless Abyssinians.  We usually will place a rescue for no extra charge with a kitten you are buying from us.  Check out the kittens and cats available from Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue!


Check out our new online store!  Buy for a rescue and buy for yourself too!  (Grand Opening Coming Soon!)

Updated 2/18/18

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