Alexy Abyssinians - the breeder of our current foundation cats, Bruce Alexy - ruddy, blue, cinnamon, fawn, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, torbie - thank you Bruce for allowing us to work with your beautiful Abys!

Alexy Siamese - many thanks to Dianne Alexy as well for her advice, help and support in 2008! Congratulations on her Siamese International Winners!

Blue River Abyssinians - our Aby breeder friend here in Atlanta.

Cedarwood Abyssinians & Somalis - a friend we work closely with, we got Rocket, Jaxx, Kopper, and Cover Girl from Cedarwood. We co-own Jaxx with Cedarwood and Blue River Abys. We plan to continue to work together with Cedarwood Abys.

Pentaclecats Abyssinians and Links Page - Abyssinian breeders and TICA Judges Rene & Clint Knapp have excellent quality Abyssinians. Check out Rene Knapp's books about Milo and other cats in her life! We co-own Sunrise with Rene Knapp.

Abyssinian Breeders - USA and other countries

TICA - The International Cat Association - the worldwide cat organization where we register our cats and kittens under Aksum Abyssinians and which sponsors TICA cat shows

CFA - Cat Fanciers Association - the international organization where our CFA line of Abyssinians is also registered under Advance Abyssinians and which sponsors CFA cat shows

Help our military have their Cat to come home to!
Help our military have their pet to come home to!

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  • C-Snip - low cost spay/neuter in Grand Rapids, Michigan - 616-455-8220
  • ASPCA - searchable database for low cost neuter & spay

Atlanta, GA USA area:

  • PetVet Spay/Neuter - Pet Vet operates a low-cost spay/neuter clinic open to the general public. They specialize in pediatric spay/neuter of kittens and puppies 2 lbs. and up. They provide subsidized spaying of female (not male) cats and dogs for low-income pet owners.
  • Coal Mountain Animal Hospital - low cost spay & neuter and vaccinations in Cumming, GA
  • Project CatSnip - Atlanta's first and only mobile feline surgical unit specializing in spay/neuter. Our purpose is to end feline overpopulation in Atlanta by making crucial spay/neuter and identification services affordable and accessible for those on restricted incomes or who are caring for doorstep, stray and feral cats. We have used CatSnip many times now with excellent results. Several of those were pediatric spay/neuter.
    $35 neuter, $55 spay:
    pain meds injection, health check including fecal, and claw clipping is included. Microchipping, vaccinations and worming are available for a very small fee at the time of neuter/spay.
  • PAWS Atlanta - PAWS Atlanta has a weekly spay/neuter clinic. A cat spay is $60 and a cat neuter is $40.  To make an appointment please call the front desk at 770-593-1155.
  • Lifeline Spay & Neuter - NOTE: Scroll over to the right if you don't see it!! The LifeLine Spay & Neuter Clinic is a high volume, high quality clinic providing low-cost spay for $60 and neuter for $40. Low cost vaccinations are offered for all sterilization patients. The clinic is open to the public Monday-Thursday by appointment. Phone: (404) 292-8800 or 678-973-2881 Email: clinic@lifelineanimal.org
  • Leftover Pets Spay/Neuter Clinics - Winder, Dalton, Toccoa, Elberton - The vet has performed over 20,000 spay/neuter surgeries. The clinic is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Cat Spay $55, Cat Neuter $35 Prices include a FREE rabies vaccination for animals over 12 weeks of age. Vaccinations, microchipping, and flea control available. Financial assistance available.


Atlanta Veterinary Services that we recommend:

Shelters and the No-Kill Philosophy

No-Kill Advocacy Center

What Is HSUS Really Doing and Why?

  • HumaneWatch.org - shining light on what HSUS is really doing

  • We The People For Pets

  • "My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture." and "We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding ...One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding." -- Wayne Pacelle, HSUS

BEWARE! Humane Societies are not a part of HSUS and only about 1% percent of your donation to HSUS goes to support local Humane Societies. The remainder goes for political lobbying to end all domestic animal breeding and into a very generous pension fund for HSUS officials.

Local SPCAs are also not the same as the ASPCA.



(in the UK, usual=ruddy, sorrel=cinnamon -- for consistency on this web site, we use the TICA breed color names, ruddy and cinnamon)




- Your Ultimate Resource for Dogs, Cats and Horses

Enter the Chocolate Cat World

iANIMALS - Animal Pictures, Animal Videos, Animal Sounds & Animal Jokes


  • Animal Pictures - iAnimals.com - Animal Pictures, Animal Videos, Animal Sounds & Animal Jokes
  • Pet Doors - please use these only to an enclosed area - don't let your cat outdoors!
  • Budgerigar.com - all about the Budge Rigar parakeet



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