Aksum Abyssinians Specializing in: Award-winning Chocolates and Rare Sex-linked Reds

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Breeders we work closely with:


AabyHaven Abyssinians - FL

Anygma Abyssinians - MD/DC

Blue River Abyssinians - FL

Goofyfoot Abyssinians - NC

Heru Abyssinians - WA

Kahalicats Abyssinians - NY

Kaisar's Katz Abyssinians - GA

Karraway Abyssinians - KY

Northwoods Abyssinians - WA

NuDawnz Abyssinians - OH

Pierremont Abyssinians - MO

Sumatra Abyssinians - IA


The pet health insurance that comes with all of our kittens is Trupanion.  Trupanion has information on cat care, including some tips for new owners - Trupanion Cat Care Resources.


We register and show our kittens and cats in two international registries - TICA and CFA.


Here is the show schedule for TICA (The International Cat Association) - TICA Show Calendar


Here is the show schedule for CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) - CFA Show Calendar

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