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Lionel at 8 months old

Photo by Chanan Cat Photography


GC Abylife Lionel Messi of Aksum

Male Ruddy Abyssinian

Born 4/8/15

Nickname: Lionel

PKDef & PRA Negative


Lionel's Pedigree

Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) is 0.0060

(extremely low)


                          Sire: CH Sunrise Halit Ergenc of Abylife                                              Dam: Eritrean Daisy Rebecca of Abylife




Abylife Lionel Messi of Aksum is our fifth CFA registered stud male. He is from St. Petersburg, Russia. We appreciate Irina Ivanova of Abylife Abyssinians sending him to us!


Lionel's DNA results from UC Davis show that he is PKDef & PRA negative and is not a carrier for either one.  He also carries cinnamon and dilute, as I had so hoped he would!  And he is A blood type.  This is important because B blood type mothers can't nurse A blood type kittens, and there are many more A blood type Abyssinians than have B blood type.


We first saw a photo of Lionel that Irina had taken of him and was immediately impressed with how sweet his expression was, how nice his ears and eyes were, how well balanced he was, and the depth of his color.  We expressed admiration for him, never imagining at first that he would eventually be ours.


Lionel in Russia at 4 months old

Photo by Irina Ivanova


Then when we saw he was available as a stud cat, we decided to inquire seriously.  His pedigree was just what we had been looking for, and further discussion with Irina showed her dedication to health, which very much aligns with ours.  Once that was established, the rest was just details until Lionel arrived here from Russia.  He was immediately affectionate and comfortable with us, and we knew he would fit in very well here, and indeed he has.


Lionel is a Grand Champion in TICA and is a Champion in CFA.  He has a traditional Abyssinian pedigree.  Lionel is very affectionate, curious and playful and is constantly in motion, a very active, happy boy!  He is a friendly, easy-going boy who loves everybody he meets, just like we want for our Abyssinians!


Professional photographs of Lionel

by Richard Katris

Chanan Photography


Lionel at 8 months old

at his first show in TICA Championship





Lionel at his breeder's home before coming to us


Lionel in Russia at 3 months old

Photo by Irina Ivanova



Lionel in Russia at 4 months old

Photo by Irina Ivanova


Lionel in Russia at 4 months old

Photo by Irina Ivanova



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