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"Mikey" at 9 months old

Helmi Flick Cat Photography


Aksum White Room

Male Cream Abyssinian

Born 2/1/11

Nickname: "Mikey" <my'-kee>

PKDef & PRA Negative

Blood Type A


Sire: DGC Tazkatz Traveling Man of Alexy                                               Dam: Alexy Sacrebleu of Aksum

                         Photo by Alexy                                                                 Photo by Gerald Adams Photography


Mikey's pedigree

Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) is 0.0026

(extremely low)


Aksum White Room (nicknamed Mikey) is our third in-house stud and our second sex-linked red male, a very rare and quite nice cream boy, and is for use only in our TICA breeding program. We keep the CFA lines separate from the TICA lines, but use the CFA lines in the TICA lines for outcrossing.


Mikey is now at Sumatra Abyssinians as their sex-linked red stud boy. Sumatra and Aksum co-own Mikey but he lives in Iowa at Sumatra.


Mikey at 7 months old


Mikey is a real sweetheart. He is just as much of a pet here as a favored breeding stud. :-)



Mikey at 1 year old


Professional Photos by Helmi Flick Cat Photography

Mikey (Aksum White Room) at 9 months old








Mikey's Kittens


Mikey's first litter of kittens with Piper

Cream male, blue male, cream female (1st one born in the U.S.!!), fawn torbie female, blue torbie female


Mikey & Piper's cream female, the first one born in the U.S.!



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