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Retired Abys Available

Here's some good advice for introducing an adult cat to your other cats.


If you are interested in giving a beautiful Aby cat a good home after their contribution to the breed, please contact us.



14 month old young spayed ruddy Abyssinian female - Grand Premier in CFA

$800 - Click here to Email if you are interested
Karraway Abyssinians - KY


You may want to try Retired Friends, where breeders have listed their retired purebred cats for many years. The Retired Aby page usually has about 5 Abyssinian cats retired from breeding programs available from all over the United States.


Here's some good advice for introducing an adult Aby to your other cats.


If you are an owner thinking about re-homing your pet, click here.


If you are considering re-homing your Abyssinian, the first thing you should do is ask the breeder if they will take the cat back.


In our written contract we guarantee to take the kitten or cat back if you can't take care of them for any reason for as long as they live, no questions asked. Many breeders also do this. So please ask the cat's breeder first before giving them to a shelter or County/City Animal Control.  We also rescue Abyssinians in the southeast United States, so you can also go here and contact us so we can help.

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