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"Dobby fit right in here and no more growls, at all, from Ceasar.  It's amazing how quickly he became a member of the family.  It's like he's lived here for years."


(Annie & Bo's kitten)

-Jay in Minnesota

April 2017








"We are sure in love with these critters and I’m sure they couldn’t be happier either.



"One thing I’m very pleased about, I have brought over 5 'strangers' to meet them so far and they love the attention.  Most of our previous cats scattered if the doorbell rang, but not these guys, they run to the door to play with the new humans.  Their socialization was fantastic."



(Penny & Joker's kittens)

-Norm in Texas

April 2016



"I just wanted to let you know that Sally is doing great.  She is growing and her fur looks like it is getting darker.  She loves her toys and our cat Ellie finally accepted her this weekend.  The growling and mean looks are gone!  Sally slept with me the first few nights but is making the rounds now through the house.  She loves to sleep with my son on his top bunk bed.  She is so much fun and is full of energy.  She is also popular with our close friends and neighbors.  My friends and neighbors are not familiar with Abyssinian cats and she has won them over.  Even the dog lovers like her!" - September 2015


"I have one of Susan Graham's sweet cats.  My Sally is a ruddy. I  am so in love with my Sally and she makes me laugh every day!  I can't wait until I can have another one either." - September 2016


(Penny & Ace's kitten)

-Lori in South Carolina



"We absolutely love Oliver. He is the best little friend, and gets a lot of love and special treatment. Thanks for raising him so well." - September 2015


"Here is a recent picture of Oliver (at left).  He is growing and becoming quite the beautiful Aby!" - November 2015




"Oliver turned two recently (at right). He is such a unique and interesting cat. He is very intelligent and playful, and we leash trained him early so he goes for daily walks.


"We have been feeding him a raw diet that we order from Hare Today. He gets a variety of whole ground  pheasant, whole ground quail, lots of heart meat from duck and turkey. He is really thriving. He is a real part of the family." - July 2017




"We thought you might like a cute picture of Oliver (at left). He is thriving and very loved on!" - September 2017





(Penny & Ace's kitten)

- Greg & Gail in Texas




"I just received Hermēs and WOW is he simply gorgeous!!!! He has non stop energy and has been jumping and playing and eating like a champ!!!  I couldn't be happier!!!  Thank you!!!"


"Just a quick update Hermēs is a 500lb tiger trapped in a 3lb cat body! He's fearless lol! He rides around on my shoulder and sleeps with me every night (with the occasional 2am wake up call). He's adjusted very well and I'd love to send you pics if I ever get him to stop :)! We've bonded very well and he has wore me out on several occasions. I've learned to eat at the kitchen counter after he face planted into a piece of pizza on the coffee table once! I love him to death already! Thank you so much!!"


(Enamorarse & Joker's kitten)

-Steve in West Virginia

- July 2015




"All is well here.  We are lucky to have Poppi .  She has a terrific personality and we are all getting along well.  Poppi and my son shared a birthday party together last week."


(Baja & V'Lane's kitten)

-Michael in Massachusetts

- June 2012







"Fire is doing well. I can attest to her being non-stop pure Aby!"


(Rose & Traveler's kitten)

 -Edward in North Carolina

October 2010


Re-homed there after a long process of figuring out she has a food allergy to fish. We *always* take them back and then find them good Forever Homes, no questions asked!



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